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4 surefire ways to make your home more
energy efficient

4 surefire ways to make your home more energy efficient

By improving the energy efficiency of the home, homeowners have more control over their monthly expenses. Some items in the house require electricity, and installations such as siding and roofing play a role in energy consumption. By reviewing the 4 surefire ways to make your home more energy efficient, homeowners are saving hundreds of dollars every year.

  1. Install a metal roof

According to statistics, metal roofing increases energy efficiency by 40% and lowers energy costs for homeowners. Studies show that the metal reflects solar radiation away from the property and prevents the outside temperature from affecting the indoor spaces. Contractors recommend granular coated metal for areas where the climate is warmer. Unpainted metal roofs are sufficient for colder climates. The roof solution emits all solar radiation at a rate of 90%.

The materials provide homeowners with an aesthetically pleasing, durable and affordable energy efficient solution for their home. To learn more about the energetic benefits of installing a metal roof, visit for more details.

  1. Do not use lightbulbs:

Use incandescent lamps increases energy consumption and causes higher costs. Studies show that LED and compact fluorescent lamps are more energy-saving for homeowners. Using alternative light bulbs can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. In addition, the light bulb lasts much longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs.

The only major disadvantage when using LED or CFL lamps is the initial price of the products. While the products are more expensive than incandescent lamps, the consumer gets more utility value from the lights. The light bulbs also reduce the risk of fire and keep the house safer.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat

Install a programmable thermostat is another brilliant solution to make the house more energy efficient. According to studies, the programmable thermostats achieve a basic saving of around $ 180 per year. However, the savings increase depending on how the homeowner uses the product. These functions allow you to set the timer so that the system is activated when you want it to run. The heating and cooling systems only work when they are to be started. Select models offer smart home features that allow the homeowner to remotely connect to the thermostat and adjust the temperature or activate the system if they so choose.

  1. Use the power strip

Plugging electronics directly into an electrical outlet is dangerous and can increase the risk of damage from a power surge. What most homeowners are unaware of are the phantom loads that add to their energy bills. By connecting all electrical products to a power strip, the homeowner has full control over how much energy he uses each month.

The phantom loads may seem insignificant, but when properly mitigated, the homeowner prevents electricity from flowing to the electronics when the items are not in use. By using a power strip, the homeowner can flip a switch and turn off power to the outlet and the items connected to it.

Energy consumption results in higher and unnecessary costs for homeowners. How electricity is used in the house determines how much the owner spends each month. The cooling and heating of the house ensures the highest energy consumption. New installations such as metal roofs reduce energy consumption. Simple changes, including using alternate lightbulbs, also result in significant savings. Following helpful tips for increasing energy efficiency lowers costs and makes the house more comfortable and affordable for the owner.