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5 basic security measures for your home

5 basic security measures for your home

In a way, it is impossible to avoid accidents. We cannot always predict what events can lead to emergency situations, and people face unexpected disasters every year. However, with just a few small practical changes, you can at least reduce the risk of damage to your own home.

Here are 5 essential security measures for your home that are worth implementing today:

  1. Install smoke detectors

We are all familiar with the annoyance of smoke detectors: they keep beeping when you are frying eggs, burning your toast or when the batteries are dead in the middle of the night. But imagine that you don’t have the smoke alarm there just in case. You shouldn’t just equip your home with at least two smoke detectors U.S. Fire Administration says you should test your alarms monthly and change the batteries once a year.

  1. Have a fire blanket ready

Most self-catering vacation rentals have fire blankets, but for some reason, few of us keep them in their own kitchens at home. If you keep a fire blanket nearby, you always have a quick means to prevent a small cooking problem from becoming serious. You can easily store it in a suitable location near your stove out of sight and get it ready to use.

  1. Change your locks

Changing your locks is a good idea if you have lived in the same house for about twenty years. In certain circumstances, however, it is important for your security to get new locks. For example, if you just moved, you don’t know how many spare copies of your keys are in circulation. If you lose your keys, get a divorce, or find damage to your locks, consider changing them. Get something Key blanks for homes and let them adapt to your updated locks.

  1. Buy or make your own first aid kit

Regardless of whether you have a family at risk of an accident or just want to stay prepared, a first aid kit is essential for household safety. When an accident happens, you don’t have to panic around your closets and look for the right tools for the job, as everything you need is neatly stored in your first aid kit. Make sure you update your kit regularly with that reasonable deliveries.

  1. Write down a list of emergency contacts

If everything is online these days, it might make little sense to write an emergency contact list on paper. However, emergencies often require quick reactions, and removing the prepared paper from your drawer takes much less time than searching for contact information on your phone. Make sure that you include contacts such as your local police and fire department, poison control and first responders. It is also useful to write down the contact details of your closest relatives if you do not know them by heart.