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5 outdoor lighting ideas to inspire your
spring makeover

5 outdoor lighting ideas to inspire your spring makeover

The most sincere and heartwarming conversations don’t take place in a psychologist’s chair. Oddly enough, they occur on those warm summer evenings when the closest people suddenly decide to gather in a back yard. There is something magical about such meetings. Who doesn’t like them?

Spring is here. And you definitely want to make your garden as cozy as possible so that you can enjoy the end of every day in a relaxed atmosphere. There’s no better way to make your garden a place to relax in the evening than to choose the lighting that makes it look charming and a bit mysterious.

There are many lighting ideas for nature. In this article you will find the best of them. So stay tuned.

Fairy lights

Most people have very warm associations with fairy lights. It reminds us of the happy Christmas season, the winter markets with the most delicious food in the world and the decorated houses or trees. It’s easy to bring the spirit of a vacation and cosiness into your own garden. The fairy lights will do this job perfectly.

The idea is very affordable and easy to implement. (Too affordable even for such a fascinating effect.) You will be surprised how much the garden changes after using this type of lighting.


Another interesting idea for the back yard is to use lanterns with a candle inside. When you put them on the table, every evening outdoors becomes romantic. Dinner with a person you love could look like a scene from a movie if you decorate the table this way.

Large lanterns of various sizes look very stylish on the floor. It is a very modern and creative decision for real romantics. If you use special scented candles, you can also ward off insects, which can be a real problem on warm evenings outdoors. Enjoy summer evening without worrying that a sleepless night is inevitable because of an itchy body.

You can also hang the lanterns. It will make your place look very vintage and puzzling. Make your garden look like a magical forest with this kind of decoration.

Tree lighting

Recently, this idea has become very popular in many urban parks, outdoor restaurants, and bars. If you think that Christmas lights can only be used in winter, you’re wrong. In summer they can be used to decorate the trees outside your home.

This makes your garden a cozy place. All of your guests will be pleasantly surprised by this creative idea and may even want to steal it. It is your decision whether to let it do it or not.

Strip of hidden LED light

Some people prefer parties in their backyards rather than just sitting and talking. But the place where you have drinks and fun should also put you in the right mood. Hidden LED lights can make your garden look like a night club.

Isn’t it cool to have a real party location right in front of the house you live in? Use LED lights wherever you want: on stairs, ceilings and fences. The colors can also be different: more standard white lights or trendy bright neons. Add your favorite music, a few drinks, best friends and voila … your personal party spot is ready.

Solar lights

Nowadays, people’s awareness of their environmental impact has increased noticeably. We try to get as green as possible, in almost every aspect of life. People are rethinking their hobbies, eating habits, goods they buy, and a lifestyle in general.

When it comes to backyard lighting, you can also be as environmentally friendly as possible. In order not to consume electricity, you can get solar lights. The difference between standard lighting and solar lighting cannot be seen. It can also save you money and lower your electricity bills. Therefore, this type of lighting is always an option that should be considered.

The last thing

The place where we live should always bring us joy and comfort. When we live a stressful life, we have to make our home a source of positive emotions. Spending some money and time creating the back yard of your dream is investing in your harmony with yourself and satisfaction with life.

Do not escape the simple but warm moments that life brings us. Make your garden a cozy place where your friends and family can enjoy the fleeting joy of summer evenings. Remember that in order to be happy inside, you have to create the circumstances that bring positive emotions to yourself.