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5 popular kitchen topics that can make
your kitchen look expensive

5 popular kitchen topics that can make your kitchen look expensive

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Although this is a cliché as old as the hills, its age makes it no less true – whether you live alone or as part of a family with many mouths, the magic happens in the kitchen.

Everyone wants this part of their home to look like a lot of heart (and money) has gone into designing it to look like a real temple of taste. In addition a well designed kitchen can speak volumes about your family’s prosperity. Even if it doesn’t necessarily reflect your actual financial status.

You might call it vain or superficial, but that just means you misunderstand it. An expensive looking kitchen conveys the atmosphere of a well-kept place that is looked after by a professional chef.

Fortunately, it’s 2020, and you don’t have to mortgage to rebuild the kitchen to look wasteful and chic. Check out these five kitchen themes that will take your cooking space to the next level!

Modern farmhouse

A real modern farm kitchen is spacious and yet cozy. Traditional yet very modern and up to date with the latest trends. Unusual and yet homely.

The central piece and a real focus is the kitchen island. If you grew up in a house with a farm kitchen, you know exactly how important the island was for daily activities. Round it off in front of the school for a quick bowl of cereal, unload endless sacks of groceries, or just use the island as a neat prep area – there’s enough room for all the vegetable chopping and kneading that you can imagine!

The key to creating an authentic farmhouse feel is blending old and new. This can be done by installing barn doors in cupboards or getting a farmer’s sink – you can find some really nice ones at annieandoak.com.


Minimalism is the trend that has been on everyone’s lips lately. The minimalist lifestyle has sparked the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people. It certainly has its advantages – removing unnecessary material properties can have a positive impact on your life.

In terms of Kitchen designMinimalism means less clutter and creative use of space. When remodeling your kitchen in a minimalist way, remember that cabinets are your best friends. Use them to keep everything that can be kept and much more. You can easily install your fridge and dishwasher in them to get a nice, clean look, without inanimate devices spoiling the style.

An important factor when planning your minimalist kitchen is the color scheme. Aim for a single color throughout the room, except for the countertops. You can’t go wrong with black or white, but light blue or a non-invasive yellow are also valid options.


If you Really If you want to transform your kitchen into a chic work of art and want to knock your guests off their feet when you step on it, try the Tuscan theme. Inspired by some of Italy’s most breathtaking interiors, decor is the key to understanding this issue.

Dark brown, chocolate-colored wood is the most frequently used material for cupboards and gives your cooking space an old-fashioned touch. Consider polished stone countertops with additional shades of red and purple for a unique Tuscan feel.

With the right planning and experienced renovation staff, you can make your kitchen look regal at a relatively low cost!


The cottage kitchen theme is a British take on the modern farmhouse look and definitely not for everyone. It focuses on the idea of ​​creating a homely feeling by adding a lot of clutter to your kitchen landscape. Stack retro-looking devices like clay pots on open shelves and keep your spices in unnecessarily large jars that everyone can see.

The cottage theme makes your kitchen look expensive by creating an illusion of abundance and shelves overflowing with groceries, pots, and pans. As for the visual aspect, you should use old-school wooden cabinets rounded off with heavy marble countertops.

Dark brown is a great color for quick implementation of the cottage look, as is dirty white. If you want your kitchen to scream, “I make great pastries! “, Try a combination of white and aquamarine to make it look like a French bakery.


If you think the above kitchen topics are either too complicated or too peculiar and just want a simple but pretty cooking space, you are probably in the majority. Bright, but toned-down colors such as white or (very) light yellow for cupboards and worktops give the kitchen an aura of calm.

The traditional kitchen theme is just as good as any other, with one big advantage: it is easy to change and does not depend on a sense of style or a particular taste that should be considered stylish. With the right cupboards and the right color palette, your kitchen looks clean and inviting, without unnecessary complications.