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5 reasons why the Herman Miller Aeron
Chair is so damn good

5 reasons why the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is so damn good

If you’ve ever looked for ergonomic office chairs, the Herman Miller company has likely come to you. And what is the most famous chair in the Herman Miller family? The Aeron chair.

The Aeron chair has created a new standard by which the design and comfort of prestige office chairs can be judged.

There are so many reasons why this chair is so damn good. As an Aeron chair owner, here are my top five reasons you might just want to consider the Aeron for your next office chair.

1. PostureFit SL Back

1 5 reasons why the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is so damn good

For me there is nothing more important than the lumbar support in an office chair. Too tight and you will walk with your hands on your back at the end of the day. Too soft? You will likely have difficulty getting up because you are still in pain.

And that’s exactly why the PostureFit SL lumbar spine on the Aeron Chair is so good. Two adjustable pads on the back provide full, targeted support exactly where you want it, with just the right amount of firmness. You get adjustable support from the base of your spine to your mid-back, which tilts your pelvis forward so you don’t get caught. Very few chairs in my opinion have such a comfortable, adjustable lumbar spine.

2. Extended mesh size with different tension zones

2 5 reasons why the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is so damn good

The type of network in the Aeron is not an ordinary material – it is a space age.

There is no foam and cloth on this chair and no accumulation of heat and moisture. Pellicle lets heat and moisture through the seat and you have even and comfortable skin temperatures.

It is even more impressive that the net has different tension zones on the seat and backrest. Instead of a zone, everything that you find on most office chairs fits. The 8 zones are the reason I sometimes don’t even know I’m sitting in a chair – it’s so adaptable and comfortable.

3. Forward tilt option

3 5 reasons why the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is so damn good

This is the game changer for me – the Aeron chair can actually tilt forward 5 degrees.

As you lean forward, there is less strain on your spine and shoulders when you reach forward on your desk. It also relieves pressure on the muscles in your back.

Few chairs support tilting forward, and that alone makes the Aeron a worthy purchase.

4. Three different sizes – there is one for you

4 5 reasons why the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is so damn good

Nobody can say that the Aeron is not designed to perform efficiently. These chairs are not one-size-fits-all. The Aeron chair is available in sizes that correspond to the size and weight of the person. The size A chairs are suitable for small people while the size B is suitable for the average adult.

If you are tall and tall, there is a chair from the Aeron range that is made with your height in mind. Size C is for tall, tall people.

Use this handy device to quickly find the Aeron chair that works best for you Size guide for Aeron chairs.

5. Other notable features

This Aeron chair has so many other good things to offer. For lazy people like me, the Aeron chair is fully assembled. The armrests are extremely well padded and made of vinyl and high density foam for a long life. They are also inclined inwards and outwards. The graphite frame and chassis finish with 2.5-inch standard carpet rollers ensure sturdy stability.

In terms of warranty, Herman Miller gives this chair a 12 year warranty which shows how much confidence they have in their ergonomic chair.

Sum up

Herman Miller is a global company, but this exceptional Aeron chair is made directly in the United States. The company has an excellent reputation that started in 1905 and is stronger than ever in 2019.

What you spend your money on today is important for the future. When you invest in this fantastic chair, you are investing in your health not only for tomorrow, but also far into the future.

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