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6 Steps to Becoming a Licensed Florida
Home Inspector

6 Steps to Becoming a Licensed Florida Home Inspector

A career as a home inspector is one of the most profitable areas. However, before you can gain career benefits from home inspection, you need to make sure that you comply with the requirements of your state. House inspection requirements vary from state to state. While in some states you could venture into the home inspection without meeting any conditions, others may require a fixed number of lessons and a license. For example, in Florida you have to meet certain requirements to get a license. Here’s a look at what you need to get one Florida Home Inspector license.

Take a 120-hour course approved by DBPR

While the 120-hour course seems like an overwhelming undertaking, the good news is that online courses are valid in Florida. This gives you the flexibility to customize an approach that best fits your schedule. During the course, the issues you will study include sanitary, HVAC, roofing, interior and exterior components, and site conditions, to name a few.

The 120-hour pre-licensing courses approved by the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) are intended to help house inspectors understand how buildings are built, what features they have and how they work. With this knowledge, you can view and provide actionable information. It is noted that home inspector reports are used to provide home buyers with relevant information about their potential purchase.

Pass the DBPR approved exam

After attending the course, you can take the test approved by the department. To get the Florida home inspector license, you must pass a written exam conducted by nationally recognized institutions. Although this can be confusing, DBPR issues the license but does not manage the tests. Instead, accredited institutions manage the supervised test. When applying for the license, submit the results as proof of passing the department-approved test.

Submit to a background review

A background check to check your crime history is a must if you are working to get a Florida home inspector license. Your fingerprints are required for this step. The background check aims to determine your moral character to ensure that you have good qualities. Conducting a criminal investigation ensures that consumers’ interests are safeguarded as they can safely call in a home inspector without having to worry about their safety.

make an insurance

To obtain a license for a home inspector in Florida, you must take out commercial general liability insurance. The sum insured is $ 300,000, and although you might consider this a necessity, taking out liability insurance is helpful to address concerns that could affect your company’s home inspection success.

Registration fee

You must pay a fee to apply for the Florida Home Inspector license. If you apply online, you can pay the fee by electronic check or credit card. However, if you prefer to send your application by post, you must enclose a check to be paid to the DBPR. When reviewing the fee, be aware that Florida National Guard members, military veterans, and their spouses may receive a waiver, discount, or refund.

License by approval

If you are a licensed or certified home inspector in any other state with similar requirements to Florida, certification can provide you with a license. However, for your application process you have to undergo a criminal investigation and charge an application fee.

After observing the specified teaching hours, passing the examination approved by the department and a successful license applicationYou are ready to venture into the Florida home inspection business. However, this is not all; You have to work towards a successful career. For example, if you don’t have enough cash to start your business, you can work under an established company to accumulate enough capital. However, if you manage to start your business, you need to be innovative to make sure you attract enough customers to make it profitable.

The services of house inspectors are among the most requested in the real estate sector. With every home sale, consumers hire home inspectors to weigh up how effectively their new purchase will meet their needs. While working towards a license, the compulsory course will help you understand how houses are built and ensure that you acquire the skills necessary to perform a thorough house inspection. With a Florida Home Inspector License, you’re on your way to helping potential homeowners make informed decisions.