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9 kitchen design trends that you should
consider when remodeling

9 kitchen design trends that you should consider when remodeling

Did you know the Reason number one People who are remodeling their kitchens just can’t stand looking at their current one? If this sounds familiar to you and you hate your kitchen, it’s time to think about new kitchen designs.

During your remodeling, you need to think about why you hate your current kitchen. Then think about your lifestyle. Make sure your investment leads to a kitchen that you will love for years to come.

We have nine modern trends to help you transform your kitchen into a space you will love.

  1. Include natural materials and textures

Bring warmth to your kitchen by using natural materials. This can include natural wooden beadboard cabinets or a marble top.

You can also renew your floor so that you have warm wooden floors. Or use Shiplap to create a texture on the walls. You could even use wood or stone for your backsplash.

A nice modern trend is the use Butcher block for your counter. It is affordable, low maintenance and can take decades.

If wood worktops are not your thing, you can’t go wrong with quartz or granite. Quartz is not porous; This makes it perfect to resist stains, bacteria and viruses. Granite is incredibly durable; That means you can cut right on it and never scratch it.

These natural stone surfaces are not only functional, you should look them up and learn more about how beautiful they are.

  1. Open the room

Look at your walls and doors. Can you tear down some of them and make a more open space? This is how you can maximize your living space.

You can use carefully placed furniture and lighting to visually divide the room. This defines the living spaces while maintaining the open and inviting feeling.

Make sure to let the wall paint be even. This way, the different areas are not divided too much.

  1. Smart kitchens

It seems that everything is getting “smart” these days. Your kitchen appliances are no different.

If you already use a Google Home or Alexa, you can search for compatible appliances. This way you can control the function of your home based on the sound of your voice.

Enormous progress has also been made with refrigerators. With smart fridges, you can set reminders of the expiration date, plan meals, sync calendars, and view the contents of your fridge from anywhere.

  1. Throw away the cupboards for shelves

A significant trend in the kitchen these days is the introduction of an open shelf concept. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it can open up a smaller kitchen.

Think about how to save all of your current items so that this design trend works for you. It can be helpful to create a lower cabinet storage that you can use to hide your storage Kitchen appliances.

  1. Custom LED lighting

Gone are the days of fluorescent lighting. You can use recessed lights and statement lights as part of your lighting system.

Think about how you want to use your kitchen, then create lighting zones. You want to have at least three different light sources.

You should have general lighting that creates a bright light throughout the kitchen. Then you should have ambient lighting. With this subdued lighting you can create a certain mood.

The third type of lighting you should have is work lighting. This is bright, focused lighting that you place in the workplace.

LED lighting is customizable and energy efficient. It also comes in a variety of shapes, making it versatile for all of your lighting needs.

Place headlights where you want work lights. Use rope lighting under the cabinets and along the step plate for ambient lighting. Then use light bulbs to create the overall brightness of the room.

  1. Consider several small fridges

Have you ever thought about having more than one fridge? Well, other people are and it works fine. Instead of having a massive refrigerator that stores everything in it, you could have several smaller refrigerators.

This can enable precise temperature control for foods that last longer at the peak of freshness. It can also make cooking more convenient by placing the required refrigerator near the food preparation areas.

  1. Bench and banquet

The kitchen is a common room where everyone gathers. It is therefore important to create a seating area that promotes this. Homeowners move away from a standalone table and chairs. Instead, they opt for benches.

Create a bench on one side of the table. Then put the chairs on the other side. Equip your bench with soft pillows to make seating comfortable.

  1. Update the cabinets

If the trend without closets is not for you, go in the opposite direction with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Then equip them with hidden storage solutions that maximize your space.

Put deep drawers in your base cabinets. These are perfect for storing small kitchen appliances. That way, you can easily access everything without digging into the back of your closet.

You can do the same with your larger pantries. Create pull-outs that allow you to access the items from both sides of the drawer.

  1. Trough sinks

Why should your sink only have one purpose? Trough sinks have been around for a while, and those who have one will tell you they’re worth it.

These larger sinks make cleaning easier. They are also useful for entertainment. Fill them with ice and have a cool station for drinks.

You can choose a long metal rectangle for an elegant, modern look. Or you can choose a white apron front for a simple and elegant country house style.

Try these kitchen design trends in your kitchen

When it’s time to take your kitchen into this century, you need to consider taking these kitchen design trends into account. This ensures that your kitchen is both beautiful and functional.

To find out which trends are best for your kitchen, think about your budget and lifestyle. This helps you choose the right trends without being overwhelmed.

You can find more ideas and inspiration for your kitchen remodeling in the kitchen area of ​​our blog.