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Are you planting the right grass for your

Are you planting the right grass for your garden?

The health of your lawn can have a major impact on how your entire home and property looks. If you haven’t planted the right grass for your geographic area, you could spend countless hours making your lawn look and feel good.

There are so many different types of grass to choose from. Different textures, drought tolerance and wear resistance can have a big impact on the look of your lawn. Planting the wrong grass for your home can lead to frustration and fruitlessness Growth phase.

If you find the right grass For your region, you’ll love the rich textures and brilliant colors with much less maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular types of grass for your lawn.


This variety of tufted grass is perfect for cooler northern regions. It holds well in winter and is easy to maintain in spring and summer. With moderate sun, regular watering and hearty soilyour bluegrass lawn can look really great.

Bermuda grass

This type of grass is an aggressive grower and is ideal for difficult to fill areas on your lawn. It is weed-resistant, wear-tolerant and can withstand the toughest drought. It is best to plant Bermuda grass in southern regions where there is no full winter.


This hard turf grass is perfect for areas where there is a lot of heat and moisture. It has a slightly wider and rougher blade, but can withstand the toughest weather and traffic conditions. It is drought resistant and hard grass for high traffic areas.


There are many types of fescue grasses that are perfect for your lawn in cold weather. It responds best to a maintenance schedule that includes regular fertilization and aeration. Fescue grass can withstand moderate drought conditions and wear. If you live in the north or in the central regions of the country, fescue is a good choice for your lawn.

Perennial ryegrass

If you want to grow quickly or fill your lawn, ryegrass is one of them fastest growing grasses. It is a good choice for high traffic areas and is best suited for cooler temperatures. Ryegrass works well in a variety of conditions and is a good choice if you want to sow your lawn in the fall or spring to increase the abundance.

St. Augustine

This hearty grass with a wide blade comes from Florida and is ideal for hot and steamy climates. If you live in an area with sandy soil, this is the grass for you. It adheres easily to loose soil and holds well during the dry season and the heat.


Everyone wants to have a lush lawn that they can be proud of. If you plant the right grass for your geographic area, you can look forward to fewer brown spots and better wear and tear on your lawn. If you do a little research online, you can determine which planting zone you live in so that you can make the right choice for your lawn.