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Backyard Playhouses Your Children Will Love

Take a moment and think back to your five-year-old self. You’ve probably had a secret desire for a playhouse, a treehouse, or some sort of outdoor sanctuary where you can let your imagination run wild. Now look at your children. They have the same secret desire. Summer is the perfect opportunity to build a playhouse in the backyard. And I’m not just talking about a shack made of scrap boards nailed together.

Creating a truly beautiful place for children to play will keep your little ones happy and occupied while adding to the beauty of your garden. Check out these 35 souped-up playhouses and you’ll be inspired to create a space for real, imaginative play this summer.

How to choose the right playhouse
As you’ll soon discover, there are tons of different playhouse models, each with its own unique design and features. So how do you choose the one that’s best for you and your kids? Well, there are a few things to consider:

The available space
The first thing you should do is find out how much space is actually available for the playhouse. At the same time, this step also means that you have to decide where exactly you want to place it. Go outside and find a flat spot for it to stand. If there is none, you can place it on a base or cover the area with some gravel, for example.

Location is very important and you should look for a space that is not only large enough and flat etc. but also in an area that you can keep an eye on when you are outside or from inside the house can see.

Set a budget
To set an accurate budget for something like this, you should first look around the market and see what is available. This will give you an idea of what a playhouse is suitable for and help you decide whether certain features are worth pursuing or not. Of course, the budget may change slightly when you actually start comparing models to make a final decision, but it shouldn’t increase drastically.

Bring the functional aspects and aesthetics into harmony
It goes without saying that all playhouses should be durable and safe for children, but some types place more emphasis on this than others. Some are made from wood and are designed to be strong and sturdy, which is really great because they will last for years. Others place more emphasis on aesthetics and are made of plastic, which has its own advantages. It’s really a matter of taste and personal preference to choose between these types.

Consider the extras
By this we mean that playhouses can have a variety of accessories and additional functions. In some cases these are included in the base theme, in other cases they can be added upon request. Take a look at what some of them might look like, what they offer, and decide whether you want to go for some of them or not. This also depends on your priorities, the elements you want to focus on, and the goals you want to achieve by building a playhouse in your yard.

Make a personal decision
Not everyone is the same. Some children are very active and like to be kept busy with all sorts of toys and activities. Others enjoy making up their own stories and using their creativity so they don’t need props. Some enjoy the company of friends and want to play together all day, while others enjoy being left alone. When choosing a playhouse, you should consider these details and choose something that fits your child(ren)’s personality.