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Beach canopy for a perfect trip to the beach!

Beach canopy for a perfect trip to the beach!

Canopies are cloth, or any light material, held up over something or hung from above to give a covering or shelter underneath. Beach canopies are used in beaches to sit, lie down or relax. These canopies come in varied designs, colors and materials. Canopies are evaluated based on the criteria of livability, durability, portability, wind resistance and the ease to set up. The size and shape of the canopy completely depend on what you will be using it for and how many people will be in it. Dome tent, without the sides or floor and square ones with more height at the edge and corners are the common canopies used in beaches.Beach canopy  65

Liveability of a beach canopy is assessed based on the amount of usable area, the height of the canopy, an amount of shade offered and other special features like walls or panels. The removable side wall keeps wind and sun out while offering more privacy. Ease to set up a canopy is equally important. There are canopies which take hardly 3 minutes to unpack and can be set up by one person. In a beach, the canopies have to withstand strong winds and at times mild rain.Beach canopy  09

When we discuss the durability of a beach canopy, pole construction, pole connection points and fabric durability are the most important things. Last but not the least, portability of a canopy is another important factor. Along with things like toys, towels, sunblocks, snacks, cooler etc, carrying a bulky canopy will be a burden and hence canopies should be easy to transport.Beach canopy  58

Nowadays, canopies are available in the market which comes in light, cool and convenient backpack style bags. Depending on the amount of people taking shelter in the canopy, and how far it has to be transported, the size and shape of the canopy have to be decided.