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Bedroom Decor – What kind of personality suits you best

After you’ve found your new home and searched the internet for available ones Houses for saleYou have found your new room and now it is time to add your personal taste. Your style is heavily influenced by your personality. Whether or not you recognized him, you have likely bought a home that already matches your personality.

Now that you have your home, it’s time to really make it yours and that means decorating every room. Your bedroom is the most personal space in your new home. Therefore, it makes sense that this area reflects your personality. Below is a quick guide to help you find the perfect bedroom decor based on your personality.

Keep in mind that the bedroom is the only place you can have fun. If you don’t think you will be selling your house soon, no one else will see it. So while you can restrain yourself in public areas, you can decorate freely and accentuate your bedroom to your heart’s content.

Carefree & Artsy – Bohemian style

Do your friends describe that you are carefree and artistic? If you are creating the art on your walls rather than buying it then the ornate bohemian style is for you. The funny part about this style is that almost anything goes. You can choose a variety of textures, fabrics, and colors to put together a room, but your innate artistic sense ensures that these elements complement each other rather than distract each other. Rustic decor plays well against light walls and furniture that add a variety of eclectic accents.

Type A personality – Warm Industrial

Are you the type who likes everything in its place and always keeps your home in perfect condition? You’re probably a minimalist who likes sleek and modern design, and that means the Warm Industrial decoration style suits you best. Type A personalities are not cold, which is why there are plenty of sharp flowers and vibrant shades to add warmth to this style. However, they like sharp and purposeful things. In the bedroom, this means that your furniture has sharp angles and you are not a fan of different objects. Choose a deep color for the wall that stands out from your furniture color to get started.

Bold & Fashion Forward – classic glam

If NYC was a personality, it would be yours if you fell into that category. Brave and lively, you enjoy watching the latest club openings and never miss the chance to see the latest movie or fashion show. You can easily reflect your personality in Your bedroom decor Try the Classic Glam decoration style. Keep it glamorous by choosing one or two large accent pieces to hang on the wall or to place on your sleek and modern furniture.

Warm & Maternal – Happy Modern

Is mom or grandma the adjective that people use to describe you the most? Some people simply have a maternal instinct that shows up in every aspect of their lives, whether they’re career women, staying at home, being mothers, or retired. If you tend to have that maternal touch, you should check out the Happy Modern decoration style. Warm tones play with outstanding light accents to achieve elegant, modern results that, despite their angled appearance, are still cozy and comfortable. Choose warmer wooden furniture to play with wicker baskets and floral motifs and complete this look in your bedroom.