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Botanical gardens for plant preservation

Botanical gardens are places where plants are collected and cultivated with their botanical names for the sake of research and plant conservation. These gardens serve as a lab to study and experiment with different aspects of botanical science.Botanical gardens  43

Botanical gardens offer numerous benefits. These gardens provide an ambiance which is beneficial for respiratory and mental health. Visiting such places promotes your health in today’s stressful life. A collection of plants, herbs, and flowers attract visitors and offers them information about nature. These gardens are used to place plants in a new environment and cultivate them for distribution to different areas. Many unknown plants have been found and cultivated again with the help of botanical gardens and after that, they have been named according to their scientific nature.Botanical gardens  81

Plant conservation is an area where botanical gardens have a vital role to play. There is a wide variety in the size and types of botanic garden, in all regions of the world. This encourages the horticulture and cultivation skills which enable us to grow and conserve plants that might be lost in nature. Developing and maintaining seed banks are one of the important tasks for all running botanical gardens. Besides research and development, these gardens link plants and herbs to people. They organize exhibitions to showcase the sustainable use of plants and their other benefits. This creates awareness among the general public and encourages them to think about the environment.Botanical gardens  45

Most of the botanical gardens are associated with either universities or research labs. These institutions are doing an indispensable job.  They also offer workshops to study plants and their importance for us. These gardens also motivate visitors for home gardening. Botanical gardens provide a rich experience and promote relaxation that enables visitors to stay close to nature.  They have started contributing to the movement of protecting the earth from global warming and climate change.