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Can your floor be sanded and polished?

Who doesn’t like a house with a glossy and bright surface? Nothing can replace the beautiful appearance of a well polished floor. A finely polished floor can change the aura of the house considerably positively and definitely make it more presentable. However, do you have a thorough knowledge of what’s ...

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Give your home office style

If you work from home, your workplace should be a place that inspires you and enables you to do your best job. Often, however, this is not the case and many of us work in crowded rooms in a corner of our house or, worse, from the sofa or kitchen ...

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5 tips to keep your basement safe and dry

Whether it’s inhabited and well used, infrequently used, or just serving as a stash, keeping your basement in tip-top condition is important to the overall structural integrity of your home. Treat it like any other room in your home. Making sure your basement is safe and dry year round can ...

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How to give your bar the wow factor

Running a bar is more than a good selection of drinks and an attentive staff. To encourage customers to keep walking through the doors and recommending your house to their friends and family members, you need to open a bar that is effortlessly cool and stylish. If you want people ...

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