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Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

London skyscrapers offer an opportunity to see the London cityscape from a high point. This will give you a panoramic view of the city. In the City of London, the summer days are long and you have hours to contemplate the London skyline.

According to Britannica, an urban skyscraper is a building with up to 40 or 50 floors. London skyscrapers are no exception and stand out against the city skyline with bold presence.

London skyscrapers are numerous. In fact, the London skyline has one of the most skyscrapers in the EU. While Madrid and Milan each have 5 skyscrapers and Paris 18, there were 26 London skyscrapers in 2018. Everyone reaches at least 150 m.

The city’s future skyline will be even fuller. More than 200 skyscrapers are planned in London, which increases the number drastically. Both private and public interests have joined forces to overcome stringent legislation that would otherwise have reduced the number of urban skyscrapers.

Some love the London cityscape and can’t wait to see new skyscrapers in London. Others hate the new buildings and would hate to see more London buildings. However, the impressive design and construction of the buildings cannot be denied.

Famous London skyscrapers: London’s highest attractions.

The shard

the-sharad Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

Formerly known as the London Tower Building, the Shard is either loved or hated by Londoners. Some people believe that it is a work of art while others believe that the building appears to be unfinished. Regardless of the aesthetic, however, the Shard is a magnificent building and is currently the tallest in the UK and EU.

The Shard is located in central London and has indoor and outdoor viewing platforms. You can stand on levels 69 or 72 to take in the London cityscape. Due to its central location (it is between Westminster, the South Bank, the West End, the city and Canary Wharf) it has excellent views.


Center Point Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

Center Point maintains the spirit of 1960s Britain and sets it apart from the more modern London skyscrapers. It’s on the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road and shimmers white on the horizon. The building is finely detailed with attractive architecture.

Center Point is not as high as many London skyscrapers at 117 meters. It has 33 floors and was designed by Richard Seifert. The building was completed in 1967 and recently converted from an office to a residential building.

Barbican estate

Barbican Estate Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

The Barbican estate consists of three London skyscrapers and was built from the rubble of a bombing facility at the end of World War II. The towers were built on the outskirts of the city to accommodate London specialists.

The Barbican offers living space, shopping, offices and schools. It also offers beautiful cultural spaces, gardens and fountains. With a height of 123 m, they are an imposing addition to the London skyline and have been declared one of the wonders of the modern world by the Queen of England.

Trellick Tower

Trellick Tower Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

The Trellick Tower was crowned with a brutalist design and has become an icon of West London. In fact, it is one of the skyscrapers in London that is often pictured on bags and shown on television. The tower rises above the suburb of Notting Hill

This London tower was designed by Goldfinger as a social housing project and contains 200 carefully arranged apartments. These apartments are arranged in streets connected by bridges. The block has an elegant service tower with slotted windows that give this London building an imaginative look.

South Quay Plaza

South Quay Plaza Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

These very nifty London skyscrapers are also known as “Toothpick Towers”. They house over 900 residential units and a 1.5 hectare public park. These towers are discreet and well designed and connect at their corners, giving the impression of a series of slim shafts that have been connected together. The towers have glass facades and are reminiscent of the sophisticated buildings of Manhattan. They were designed by Foster, the architect behind 610 Lexington Avenue in New York. These towers are certainly very attractive London skyscrapers.

Heron tower

Heron Tower Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

Heron Tower is one of the tallest buildings on the London skyline. It is also known as The Salesforce Tower and is the tallest London skyscraper in the financial district.

The Heron Tower has a tower in the roof and a 70,000 liter aquarium in the foyer. You can try the 1,200 fish and eat in the popular Sushi Samba or Duck and Waffle restaurants.

A Canada place

One-Canada-Square Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

A CanadaSquare is an office building that extends the London city skyline. The building contains shops and restaurants on the ground floor and in the basement.

Canada Square offers visitors a view of Canary Wharf. It is also surrounded by some smaller London skyscrapers. It has a distinctive pyramid shape on the top of the building.

Economist Plaza

Economist Plaza Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

The Economist Plaza is one of the most successful skyscrapers in London, offering civil space on the ground floor. It was designed by Alison and Peter Smithson who also designed the Robin Hood Gardens estate in East London. Robin Hood Gardens is soon to be destroyed, but the Economist is still considered a masterpiece and one of the most successful London skyscrapers of the decade.

Natwest Tower

Natwest Tower Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

The National Westminster (NatWest) Tower is also known as Tower 42. With a height of 183 m, it is the fourth tallest of the London skyscrapers and has an elegant simplicity in its design.

The building took 10 years to build and was the tallest building in England at the time. However, it was overtaken in height in 2009 when Heron Tower joined the London skyline.

The building has been designed to look like the NatWest logo from above and is complex in design. It was the first building with double-decker lifts and a mail train that delivered important documents related to the building.

122 Leadenhall Street

122-Leadenhallstreet Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

112 Leadenhall is a skyscraper in London that is 225 m high. This makes it the second tallest building in London.

122 Leadenhall Street, also known as the Leadenhall Building, opened in July 2014. It has a wedge shape and is sometimes called a cheese grater. The building was designed by Rogers StirkHarbour + Partners. The building is one of several recently added to the financial district. It connects the pinnacle and scalpel and is located across from the cucumber in the middle of the Square Mile. The public is welcome to visit the atrium of the building.

Citigroup center

Citigroup Center Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

Citigroup Center 2, also known as 25 Canada Square, is located in Canary Wharf. It is 200m tall. The building was built together with the HSBC Tower. It is the fourth tallest building on the London skyline. The London skyscrapers The Shard, One Canada Square and Heron Tower occupy the first three places.

25 Canada Square was designed by César Pelli & Associates. Construction started in 1998 and was completed in 2001. The building was bought by RBS in 2004.

St. George Wharf Tower

St George Wharf Tower Check out the most beautiful skyscrapers in London

The St. George Wharf Tower is also known as the Vauxhall Towers. At 181 m high, it is the eighth tallest of London’s skyscrapers. It is also the tallest residential building in the UK. It has 50 stories and is part of the St. George’s Wharf development.

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