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Costs associated with moving overseas

Costs associated with moving overseas

Would you like to move overseas but are not sure how much it will cost? It may be a hassle for some, but knowing what it costs to move overseas is critical to preparing your budget. By preparing in advance for the estimated costs, you eliminate the financial surprise factor associated with moving home or abroad.

From insurance to storage to logistics, here are the most important elements of your overseas move that you should take into account when determining costs:


Estimated cost: $ 200 to $ 1,000

Since your possessions travel separately, it is normal to worry about what happens to them when you are moved. From breakage to missing items, moving insurance ensures that your items are protected and covered throughout the move.

The cost of moving insurance depends on how much your items are worth


Estimated cost: $ 100 to $ 400

When Moving overseasYou should make sure that electricity, internet, gas and water are set up when you arrive.

The connection can range from $ 25 to over $ 100. However, this depends on who the provider is. It’s worth looking for competitive prices before jumping the gun.

Flights and accommodation

Estimated cost: $ 2,250 to $ 6,000 +

Moving overseas requires a lot of planning and requires you to arrange both your flights and your accommodation. International flights are expensive. So look around in good time before your flight date to find a good deal.

Depending on where you fly, flights for an average family range from $ 1,500 to $ 5,000. If there are stopovers, you may also need accommodations that look for between $ 250 and $ 550 more.

Boxes and packaging materials

Estimated cost: $ 50 to $ 100

Every bit counts, which is why you should also consider the cost of boxes and packaging materials. If you pack your boxes yourself, you need to make sure the boxes are stable to withstand the overseas journey, rather than having them handled by the moving company.

Moving boxes cost between $ 4 and $ 17. However, the costs vary depending on the size and capacity. In general, the more stable the box, the more it will cost you.

Other packaging materials include bubble wrap, mattress covers, tape, locks, etc., which add up to about $ 50 to $ 100 in total.


Estimated cost: $ 200 to $ 400

A storage option is a clever way to ensure that your belongings are safe when traveling.

The cost varies between $ 200 and over $ 350 per month for a typical family home. It is also advisable to consider how long you want to store your goods. Adding insurance to your storage period also costs more.

Visa, customs and immigration fees

Estimated cost: up to $ 500

Depending on the destination country, you may not have to pay any fees at all.

Household goods can be imported up to a certain value in many countries. You will then be taxed per item.

Customs fees can cost around $ 450. Depending on where you go, you may have to pay visa fees, which can be up to $ 500.


Estimated cost: $ 200 to $ 500

If you plan to take your furry friends on your trip abroad, you need to consider the cost of moving overseas.

take her with you on the plane is the fastest (and cheapest) option. You will need a crate approved by the airline during your trip.

Depending on the airline you’re flying with, the cost of your pet’s flight ranges from $ 200 to over $ 500.

Remove garbage

Estimated cost: $ 150-250

If you are moving, you probably have a lot of garbage to get rid of.

The most efficient and inexpensive way to remove garbage is to rent a container. Prices range from $ 150 to $ 250, but this depends on the size of the container you need.


Estimated cost: $ 3,000 to $ 10,000

When hiring relocation helpers, most of your relocation budget is used. When packing, transporting and unpacking your belongings, moving people play an important role in your move overseas.

It really depends on how far you have to move, but the cost is usually between $ 3,000 and $ 10,000. So it’s worth working with the company that offers good value for what you pay for

Final thoughts

Hopefully, these overseas moving cost estimates will help you estimate the cost of moving internationally. The process may seem overwhelming at the moment, so it’s important to have the right removers to help you.