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Creative Wood Furniture Design

Creative Wood Furniture Design

When decorating your home with wood furniture, you should be aware of the fact that our endless appetite for hardwood furniture and accessories is causing forests to deplete faster and our ecosystem to be at risk. This is why sustainable living is so important. Our small endeavors like using reclaimed wood for small remodeling jobs and making furniture help us do our part to protect the environment.

There are various amazing things you can build from salvaged/scrap wood and pallets. Trust me, reclaimed wood can work wonders in a boring corner of your home, transforming it into an inviting living space.

Whether you’re trying to add some character to your boring living room or looking for the perfect kitchen makeover, we’ve put together a handy guide of 20+ reclaimed wood ideas that might inspire you to create creative pieces for your home.

After checking out these handy ideas, you’ll surely be tempted to deal with old wooden pallets gathering dust in your storage room.

Ideas for reclaimed wood furniture for the living room
Reclaimed wood is one of the biggest hipster interior design trends of recent years. There are creative DIYers who make good use of reclaimed wood to make pieces of furniture like chairs, sofas, center tables, coffee tables, and storage cabinets. This reclaimed wood furniture will add a warm appeal to any living room and convey a sense of history.

Well, if it sounds hard to believe, check out the following reclaimed wood furniture pieces for inspiration.

1. Chair made from reclaimed wood
A reclaimed wood chair is perfect for a quiet corner in your living room or study. They are just perfect for adding an unforgettable rustic charm to your space that will turn heads.

2. Reclaimed wood table
If you are creative and have woodworking skills, you can use reclaimed wood to make a beautiful and functional coffee table to place in your living room. They are better than glass tables in terms of aesthetics, functionality and durability.

Instead of outfitting your living room with a metal table, opt for an eco-friendly coffee table that will add lasting appeal to your decor.

3. Storage cabinet made from reclaimed wood
If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to organize your living room, opt for a reclaimed wood storage cabinet. The earthy look and aesthetically pleasing properties are perfect for adding a natural appeal to any space. You can make it look more appealing by garnishing it with some decorative pieces like sculptures, collectible flower vases or your favorite books on it.

4. TV stand made from reclaimed wood
If you’re looking for classic and budget-friendly multimedia furniture to house your TV or speakers, a reclaimed wood TV stand is a great option. You can even build one yourself; a great weekend woodworking project.

5. Sofa made from reclaimed wood
A sofa made from reclaimed wood combines rustic style with comfort. You will find many options to adapt your reclaimed wood sofa to your interior style as well as to your existing furniture collection.

Reclaimed wood furniture ideas for bedroom
If you are thinking of decorating your bedroom with reclaimed wood, you have many options. From bed to headboard and from lamp to hanger, there are various reclaimed wood furniture and accessories that will inspire you enough to try the trend in your bedroom.

1. Bed made from old wooden pallets
Pallet wood bed is a good example of reclaimed wood furniture. Made from recycled wooden pallets, the bed frame is elegant and durable. The bed frames are just as elegant and can also be individualized according to personal preferences.

2. Reclaimed wood headboard
How about a rustic headboard for your bed? Adding an attention-grabbing piece to your bedroom is a great idea. Reclaimed wood headboards are best suited for those looking to add a rustic charm to their bedroom.

3. Bedside table made from reclaimed wood
Using a wooden box as a bedside table sure is a great idea. I’ve also tried this simple setting by covering it with a delicate piece of fabric, but cutting out drawers is even better for organizing personal items. Check out these beautiful reclaimed wood bedside tables that will ensure your bedroom becomes more attractive overall while providing ample storage space.