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Current trends in gardening

Current trends in gardening

Current garden trends are characterized by a return to nature and the creation of a place to relax. Natural materials (wood, canvas and ropes) are the quintessence of a modern and nature-friendly garden. You can get an unconventional idea for a garden straight from the surrounding forests and meadows. Read our article if you want to find the perfect idea for a trendy garden of your dreams. You will find out which trends in gardening will dominate this season.

Garden fountain as a place for birds and insects

A trendy organic garden should attract insects. Many of them are useful – such as ladybugs and bees. The latter is wrongly considered dangerous – in reality; However, they never attack unless they feel threatened. Bee venom is only harmful for allergy sufferers who are relatively few. Garden fountain with diffuse ventilation are the perfect place to attract useful insects to your garden. Bees need water to make honey so you can help these insects a lot.

In addition, a pond with a fountain as a small architectural object is a unique decoration of your garden. In return, the bees take care of the pollination of flowers and plants and maintain the beauty and ecological balance in our natural garden. Colorful plants, especially the field flowers, are a good idea for an ecological garden because they attract beautiful butterflies and majestic dragonflies, which can be a lot of fun on a warm, sunny day. There is also good news for bird lovers: gardens with fountains are a permanent home for many of our winged friends who have plenty of water and a worthy drinker. They decide to set up nests nearby. The garden fountain will not only become a great concept, but also one Bathtub for birds.

Meadows instead of lawns

This direction of change has been seen for several seasons, but this year we are finally saying goodbye to the perfectly cut gardens. Geometric hedges, lawns, lawn alleys and checkered beds are a thing of the past because they are not conducive to relaxation in the garden. Flower meadows consist of colorful, blooming annual plants, perennials and grasses. Thanks to them, the environment takes on a rural character, becomes a relaxing place of rest, home to many useful animals and a true paradise for pollinators. Replacing the lawn with a flower meadow saves time and energy. This practice teaches us how rich in animal and plant species nature is around us. We don’t have to regularly mow, fertilize and water it to enjoy its charm throughout the growing season.

Fruit trees and vegetable beds

It is best to focus on the local natural resources. Edible plants and fruit trees are back, and this is an ideal proposal for a garden in a small space. Until recently, most people saw cutting fruit trees and plowing vegetable gardens as one of the first steps to planting grass in their place. Fortunately, after a while we started to estimate the yield of the home garden and how beautifully apple and cherry trees bloom, for example. When we combine useful and fashionable aspects, we get an idea for a beautiful, ecological and fertile garden. In such a garden we should plant fruit trees and shrubs that will be a source of healthy fruit. Gardening is good for ours Mental health. Note that vegetables in the garden are also an aesthetic pleasure – delicate, small flowers accompany dense, green leaves, and some herbs that are left alone release beautiful and fragrant flower balls.

Relaxation lighting

Garden lighting determines the level of comfort and safety. When it gets dark, it is important to turn on the lights that illuminate the path or property. With their help, you can display different types of decorative objects, flowers or a pond. It all depends on individual needs and preferences. The selection is so large that it shouldn’t be a challenge to find the right form of lighting. The decision must be carefully considered.

The trends in garden lighting are changing, and solar lamps are currently losing lanterns. Large candles on the terrace, lanterns and even torches in the garden are another element that promotes an atmosphere of relaxation. And if you have room to prepare the stove for family fires, it’s even better – think about the regulations that require you to keep flammable materials at a safe distance from the border of the neighboring property.


There is no good idea for garden design. How you design your garden trends depends only on you and you have full freedom of choice. A pond with a fountain, torches and beautiful chaotic flowering meadows are determinants of a garden that corresponds to the current trends and in which you can experience a wonderful relaxation.