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Décor your garden with Hartman garden furniture!

Décor your garden with Hartman garden furniture!

Hartman Company was found in 1968 by Bemico and this company provides innovative and popular furniture brand mainly in the Europe. Hartman garden furniture brand grew largely covering itself internationally as well the company grew substantially mainly due to its innovative techniquesHartman garden furniture  64

In the early 1980s, the company started with the new plastic injection molding technique which allows manufacturing huge number of lightweight yet strong plastic garden furniture. Bemico then introduced the Hartman garden furniture as a brand which achieved satisfactory results in the European region. An attempt has also been made to enter the US markets through their participation in the trade show in Chicago. Outdoor living and garden furniture became an international success for Hartman

Hartman Company became both national and international lead manufacturers for garden furniture with over 500 employees working with them. Plastic garden chairs, tables, and much other outdoor furniture were manufactured by Hartman which increased the brand awareness by over 42%Hartman garden furniture  32

Hartman garden furniture includes a range of designs:

  1. Cast Aluminum: This is one of the most stylish and durable design which adds a trendy look to the garden
  2. Ember glow: This design concentrates more on the comfort. This design provides instant clean heat and a great central point for an outdoor gathering
  3. Weave: This design is more soft and contemporary in nature. It gives a natural look and feels and is very much a low maintenance.
  4. Aluminum: This design gives a contemporary styling to the outdoor with great seating comfortHartman garden furniture  17

The Hartman garden furniture are a combination of teak collection and aluminum series. The amount of goodwill earned by Hartman by its retailers and public plays an important part in its success. Also, Hartman offers quality design at a competitive process thus making it a stable, innovative and popular outdoor furniture brand for its future