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Decorate a Vase These Pretty Ways

Decorate a Vase These Pretty Ways

Make beautiful home decor – decorate a vase! Get 35+ quick and easy DIY vase decoration ideas using different materials like paint and mod podge. Scroll down to watch a video at the bottom of this post showing you how to decoupage rounded objects.

Difficulty level: beginner to advanced. Some of these techniques are easier than others, but none are exceptionally difficult. Basic crafting skills are required, such as handling a brush or using dies and stencils.

I love decorating vases! There’s something about a simple, smooth (and typically glassy) surface that says, “Decorate me.” So that’s exactly what I’m doing. A do-it-yourself vase is a great decorative item to keep and of course you can add flowers and give them as gifts too.

How to decorate a vase
Before we get into the projects, I wanted to go over a few basics. Make a really impressive glass vase decoration with these tips!

Where to buy
Glass and ceramic vases are available at craft stores such as Michaels, Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore. . . but you can get them at Dollar Tree or WalMart on a budget.

I’m impressed with the glass selection at our local Dollar Tree. You can also use recycled glasses as vases. Pretty much any vessel that is round and can hold water can be considered a vase!

Preparing your vase
If I’m dealing with glass or ceramic surfaces, I wash them with warm soapy water and then rinse thoroughly (here’s an article on removing labels). Then I let them dry. I also wash my hands before working with it so I don’t get oily fingerprints all over the surface.

DIY vase – paint to use
I like to use FolkArt Multisurface paint to decorate all sorts of items (I use it to decorate birdhouses) and I also use it on glass. There is also a FolkArt enamel paint specially made for glass.

For my purposes, the Multisurface works perfectly. Get my guide to painting on glass.

Which Mod Podge should I use on glass?
You can use any Mod Podge formula you like – there are no “rules”. Get my guide to Mod Podge on Glass.

I like to use Mod Podge Gloss on all the vases I decorate because glass is glossy and Mod Podge Gloss is glossy too. Therefore I feel that the finish comes closest to the shine of the vase.

I should mention that I use gloss when the vase is only going to be for decorative purposes. If you plan to wash the vase I would use dishwasher safe Mod Podge. Be sure to follow the curing instructions on the bottle.