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Design considerations for custom kitchen

Design considerations for custom kitchen cabinets

When guests enter your kitchen, their eyes will likely focus on your kitchen cabinets first, as they are usually the most prominent feature in the room. The cabinet design plays an important role in shaping the appearance of your kitchen. So if you’re thinking about new closets, Custom kitchen cabinets are the ideal option.

With custom cabinets, you have complete control over everything from their appearance to what they are made of. There are a number of design features to consider when you want custom kitchen cabinets. Some of the most important are listed below.

Cabinet placement & dimensioning

When installing new kitchen cabinets, you need to decide where to place them. A large, open kitchen would make the design process easier, but not everyone has this option. Your kitchen may have nooks and crannies that cannot accommodate standard (or standard) cabinets. Your larger devices like the fridge and stove can also affect the size and arrangement of your cabinets.

Unlike standard cabinets, custom cabinets can be constructed in non-traditional sizes to suit your specific kitchen layout, including unique rooms or corners. This is a big advantage for those who want to maximize storage space.

For example, you can set up cupboards to fit over your fridge to use the space you don’t use. A custom cabinet design gives you the freedom to create cabinets that meet your needs, while storage cabinets don’t.

When choosing the correct height for wall cabinets, consider the line of sight and the parts of the cabinets that you notice first when entering the kitchen. Ideally, your top cabinets should be 54 inches above the floor and 18 inches above the top of your countertop.

Cabinet materials

There are countless options available when choosing the material for your custom-made cabinets. A main advantage of custom cabinets is that they are made from high quality materials. This is a great advantage for customers, as it is reflected in the overall appearance, durability and lifespan of their cabinets.

Cabinet doors can be made with a number of types of wood. Some of the top cabinet woods are maple, walnut, red oak, white oak, birch and cherry. Each type of wood differs greatly in how it absorbs stains and glazes. This gives you the opportunity to choose from many colors and surfaces. When you have made a selection, discuss with your manufacturer of the custom cabinets whether you can create exactly the desired design in terms of grain and color.

Kitchen cabinets made of maple wood

Maple is a popular choice for cabinet materials because it is so versatile and relatively easy to work with. Since maple is fine-grained, it can easily be stained or painted. It is ideal for traditional and modern kitchen designs.

Walnut kitchen cabinets

Walnut is another popular option. This hardwood has a significant grain and varies in color from cream to dark brown. Since walnut is available in different colors, it can be used in traditional and modern kitchen designs.

Laminate kitchen cabinets

There are alternative options to wooden cabinet doors, such as: B. Laminate cabinet doors. Laminate is a synthetic material that is placed on chipboard or MDF (medium density fibreboard). Laminate is a durable material that can withstand heavy use. It is also available in a variety of colors and door styles.

Cabinet ended

Cabinet surfaces provide the final color or laminate layer to bring your cabinet design to life. As with the cabinet materials, there are numerous surfaces to choose from. The options range from stained, painted, glazed or natural. The cabinet finish you choose plays a big role in highlighting your kitchen and cabinet design.

Rustic & Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets (Distressed Finish)

For example, if you want to set up a country or country style kitchen, you may want your cabinets to have a troubled finish. This handmade technique makes cabinets look aged or worn through the use of paint, stain, or glaze. Complete the look with antique drawer handles or hinges.

Kitchen cabinets in Scandinavian style (natural finish)

A natural finish is ideal for those who prefer a clean look with minimal changes to the wood. This type of surface is clear and shows the natural color of the wood under the protective layer. Opt for this finish if you’re looking for a Scandinavian style kitchen.

Because the surfaces of custom cabinets are applied by hand, your cabinet design is completely unique and cannot be seen anywhere else.

You have unlimited choices when it comes to custom cabinet design. Regardless of your preferences and needs, an experienced manufacturer can work with you to create your dream kitchen cabinets. To start designing kitchen cabinets that are custom-made for you, Contact your local cabinet designer and manufacturer.