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DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options
that you can try

DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options that you can try

The bathrooms are generally small spaces, and this means that each of us wants to make the most of every change we make. This also applies to our washbasin. This piece is usually one of the main attractions in your bathroom, which means that you definitely want to get it right from the start if you choose it.

A DIY vanity doesn’t look like a complex piece of furniture. So if you have the time and patience, you can safely build your own. Take a look at some of the DIY ideas for bathroom vanities listed here, and you might find a source of inspiration to start building your own.

Types of bathroom vanities

You will find different types of bathroom furniture plans. Some are rustic, some are vintage, and some fit into any type of bathroom. It really depends on the needs you have. So make sure you look at various options before making your final decision. The most popular are the vintage and the contemporary. So let’s look at their peculiarities

Contemporary vanity

  • You have clear lines
  • offer a sleek and simple design
  • have no decorations
  • They are made of wood, metal or stone

Vintage vanity

  • The edges are generally round and sometimes scrollworked for a more individual look
  • They may be similar to pieces of furniture in that they look similar to tables or offices
  • Lots of people build these type of rustic vanities themselves and the cool aspect is that you can repaint them or match them exactly to the design of your bathroom

The steps to choose a bathroom

Think about who will use it and how

When choosing the DIY vanity, consider what type of people will be using it. For example, if you are creating a new suite for your family and you both may need the sink at the same time in the morning, then you should go for a homemade vanity unit with double sinks. Special features like these should be considered before making a final decision. So really think about who and how to use them.

Choose Single vs. Double Vanity

The single vanity is certainly a good choice because it works with all types of mounting systems and is most commonly used for small spaces. It has a single sink and could be just what you need for your bathroom vanity plans.

The double is compatible with a wall bracket and a free-standing style. This option is best for a shared bathroom. A double sink helps a lot in this case.

Review possible obstacles to determine placement and size

When choosing the DIY vanity that you want to use for your bathroom, you really need to be sure when making your final choice. This is because changing bathroom designs takes a long time.

Although this means that you only have a limited space to install your home storage vanity, you can still adapt and find the right place. Pay attention to the swing door in your bathroom.

Make sure it doesn’t hit the vanity when you open it inside as this option won’t work in the long run. Are you going to take a shower instead of a curtain with a door? This is another option to think about when deciding to put your vanity in place.

Choose a mounting type

Continuing the list of ideas for DIY bathroom vanities, we have achieved the type of mounting you want. The freestanding vanity tops are usually the most popular as they are always unsecurely attached to the wall for stability and the weight is placed on the legs that sit on the floor.

If you’re wondering how to build a vanity, the wall-mounted version can be done quickly. This comes straight to the wall and is usually placed where you prefer. The advantage of using this device is that you can easily adjust it and change its position until you find the most convenient.

Select materials

When choosing materials for your DIY vanity, take into account the fact that it comes into contact with plenty of water, makeup, or detergents, etc. In addition, this room is usually wetter than the others. The most commonly used materials are ceramics, stone, glass, wood and plastic.

DIY bathroom vanity ideas

When choosing the right vanity plans, you also need to check everything from the list of needs you have. Maybe you follow certain trends or have certain preferences, your bathroom vanity must surely make you happy and make your bathroom a cool place in the house.

Some popular models have an open shelf and a sturdy structure. There are also a lot of minimalist models that you can have, so again it depends on your preferences.

DIY double bath vanity

vanity1 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

Looking for DIY vanity plans that can work for you? Check this double vanity, which can be easily installed under the sink. There is a list of materials that you can easily find in a larger store that specializes in these types of materials. And don’t worry, you will also receive a tool list with all the diagrams you need to build your DIY vanity.

Marble covered wooden vanity

van1 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

Opting for a simpler vanity means choosing a different material for the top, and marble may be the way to go. It’s quite expensive, but it looks great and you won’t have any problems with it.

Corner washbasin

vanity3-1 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options that you can try

Regardless of whether you choose a style, the DIY vanity that you will make must be made according to the size of your room. This type of vanity fits in the small bathroom and fits well in the corner. It has a sink and a tap along with a mirror.

They also have a small store, which is the place where the pipes are accessible. This vanity can certainly be a good choice, especially if you’re looking for a simple model to get it.

Vintage style bathroom vanity

vanity4 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

This vintage style vanity unit has a minimalist design. It has a lower shelf where towels or other bathroom accessories can be stored, and fits easily and medium in size. Look around and see what you think.

Small bathroom vanity

van2 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

In fact, we’ve found a DIY vanity to be the best choice most of the time. However, for a small bathroom that you guessed, you need a small vanity. This model has turned legs and two cabinet doors that give you the right storage space for your needs.

All you need to do it is some wood, a saw and a drill. The screws are the last parts needed and you’re done.

Modern bathroom vanity with drawers on the bottom

vanity6 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

Review these vanity plans and create yours. As you can see, it has large drawers at the bottom, which means a lot of storage space. It’s a great choice for a guest bathroom and you are sure to be able to store any necessities in it.

Custom drawer vanity

van7 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options to try

Many models of vanity aren’t that big, but that doesn’t mean they have storage potential. Discover how to create plywood drawer compartments that can help you with your bathroom needs.

Two types are presented here. One consists of a simple box that can be adjusted to the dimensions you want, and the other has a pull-out that can also be adjusted. The entire construction process is explained. Take a look at this and discover the tips it contains.

Concrete vanity top

van3 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options that you can try

Make your bathroom cool with this fantastic vanity concept. If you are using concrete you will add that industrial vibe and it will look great with silver or other similar colors. Make your own and use the instructions outlined here.

Rustic DIY bathroom vanity

van4 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options that you can try

This rustic DIY vanity unit has that rustic look some of you may want to give your bathroom. There is plenty of space, all you have to do is get it!

Double bathroom vanity made of wood

van5 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

A double sink can be a couple’s dream. This is because it looks cool, and it’s also a time saver, especially for the mornings when you’re both on the run. Check out these bathroom vanity plans and see what you think about them.

Furniture flip

van6 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options that you can try

It’s really easy to turn an old chest of drawers into a cool DIY vanity, especially if you invest some time in it. The change will be completed with some new paint and new hardware.

Final thoughts on a DIY washstand

As you have probably found out, a DIY vanity is an important piece for your bathroom. In fact, every time of the washstand plays a big role. Not only does it help you by providing useful space, it also gives your bathroom a different feel. So pay special attention to your choice.

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