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Does your beanbag need a refill?  Learn how to do your job in 7 easy steps without breaking a sweat

Refilling a beanbag is relatively easy, but it can still seem like a complicated task. There are certain steps you need to take to ensure the refill is successful. Depending on the type of beanbag you have, the refilling process can be different. Here are seven easy steps to do the refill without breaking a sweat.

Find a place

You will choose a place where you can refill your beanbag. The location varies depending on the size of the beanbag. SUMO Bean bags are optimal. The importance of the place is often overlooked. When choosing a place, it is preferable to do it in a corner and in one place you will not be disturbed. A corner is preferable because tidying up is much easier if you spill it and mess it up. The walls of the corner prevent anything from spilling. You can also do it in a bathtub, as the bathtub makes it impossible for spilled filling to come out.

Open the beanbag

Opening the beanbag can be difficult depending on the beanbag purchased. Bean bags come with zips, but some of the zips have no flaps. If your beanbag does not have a tab, you can open the outer sheet of the beanbag with household items. The items must be thin enough to fit through the zipper. Thin cord or a curved paper clip is the most optimal. Other thin objects that can be leveraged make opening the beanbag a lot easier.

Purchase the replacement fountain pen

You have to decide what you want to fill your beanbag with. Soft things like Styrofoam Balls, peanuts, cotton and plastic bags are a good substitute. You can easily order any of these items online. It is also likely that the company you bought the beanbag from offers an option to buy additional beanbag inflators. If this is not the case, there are a variety of options to bring the beanbag to maximum comfort. Once you have a replacement filler, just open it and fill it up.

Close the beanbag

If you notice that the filler is filling the entire beanbag, close it. Keep the item you pulled on the zipper closed for easy access. The best thing to do is leave the cord or paperclip wrapped when you fill up.

Shake the beanbag

By shaking the beanbag, you can determine whether it is packed too tightly or insufficiently. You can also sit on it and see if you like how it is or if it needs to be changed.

Open it again

Open the bag with the tool you are using again and adjust the filling as required. If it was too tight, take something out, if it was too loose, use a little more.

Close it and enjoy

Simply close the beanbag and enjoy it. Also clean up any spills caused by refilling. Cleaning should be easy once you’ve done it in a tub or corner.

The refill process is fairly simple, but following these steps ensures success.