Saturday , 9 December 2023
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Easy DIY Garden Wishing Wells Ideas

When I was growing up we had the most adorable little wishing well in our front yard. I’ve always loved these things and of course that’s long gone from my childhood.

DIY wishing well
I’ve recently been thinking about adding a wishing well to my flower garden. I want something that draws attention to the garden and maybe even something that has special features like something that actually has water or even plants in it.

So I set out to find the perfect DIY garden wishing well and found 10 free wishing well plans you can make today.

Brick wishing wells look really authentic and with this DIY brick wishing well plan you can have your very own fountain in the backyard. This one is really quick and easy to build and when complete you will have a rustic looking wishing well to decorate your garden or front yard.

This is a great project for reusing that stack of old bricks you have on hand. If you need to buy bricks, you can get them pretty cheaply at hardware stores. This is such a creative way to repurpose old bricks.

If you just want to add a small wishing well to your garden area, this small wishing well planter is just the ticket. It’s so easy to build and you can complete it in just an afternoon. Once it’s ready, you can put your favorite plants in it. This specimen is quite small which makes it a great porch decoration and of course a wonderful gift for any gardener you know.