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Green Flowers for Gardens

Green flowers are unusual in a world where people are looking for more traditional floral colors. But green flowers can add a unique touch to a flower garden and are often used in floral designs.

Colored flowers
Some green flowers seen in florist arrangements are colored. Standard roses that appear on St. Patrick’s Day or for unusual arrangements, for example, are most likely white roses that have been artificially colored.

Greenhouse and garden flowers
Some difficult-to-grow green flowers are grown by experts in greenhouses for commercial purposes. However, there are some green flowers that are easy for the average gardener to grow. Green zinnias and Bells-of-Ireland are annuals that look beautiful in a cottage garden or as cut flowers. In an all-white garden, a few green flowers add an accent, while most of the green only appears in the foliage.

In general, pollinators like bees and butterflies are attracted to bright colors. That’s why we usually see flowers in red, pink, yellow and orange. Some oddballs are pollinated by flies. The scent of a flower that attracts flies can be unpleasant to humans, as flies are known to be attracted to the smell of trash and rotting organic material.

Some of the green flowers featured here have been hybridized or genetically modified to produce green flowers. Many of these species are difficult to grow and are produced by commercial growers. Some are not flowers at all, but rather large green bracts that resemble flowers.