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How do you find the best design for your
startup office?

How do you find the best design for your startup office?

We live in a time when startups are becoming increasingly popular. Individuals start businesses based on a business model with scalability in mind. That means businesses can start with one or two people and quickly have dozens, depending on their needs and requirements.

Unlike traditional companies, startup companies have a certain flexibility in terms of office space. No matter if you are looking for Office space for rent in Winnipeg In Midtown Manhattan, decorating your startup office space is a critical step before you officially “open” your business.

Startups have multiple areas that need to be properly decorated to maximize the productivity of their workforce and impress customers and prospects.

Waiting area

The waiting area or reception is the most important part of your office as this is where customers will be waiting. This is also the area where potential customers will be waiting, so first impressions are the most important. Adding colors is an excellent place to start. Many types of research have found this out Colors affect people’s moods. That means choosing the right colors can be crucial to get a signature for this new contract. You can integrate your company’s logo colors into the walls at any time.

Talking about walls, leaving them empty is not a wise approach. Try to showcase your business, place photos of your team, certificates, or anything else to convince the client to hire you.

No matter how much you want to avoid your customers waiting, there are times when it cannot be avoided. Make sure the furniture is suitable for it to stay comfortable. You can also add a coffee and tea machine.


Happy customers are one thing, but don’t forget that team members are the components that keep your business running. With this in mind, decorating your office is vital to keeping your employees happy.

Everything we mentioned about the reception area can be applied to the work area. Forget the classic cabins; Your time has passed. Researchers have shown that cubicles not only restrict a person’s view, but also the productivity of the team. Placing your team members in a common space ensures that ideas are exchanged between them. However, placing it in any room does not guarantee results.

Make sure your team members are comfortable and that their surroundings don’t look like a warehouse. In addition, you can equip a relaxation room with all kinds of extras and toys so that your team members can relax during a light workload. A cafeteria can also be a nice touch. It gives everyone a homely feeling, because team members feel at home with a kitchen.

Another area of ​​your startup office that you can decorate is the Conference room. This is the area of ​​the office where important decisions and meetings with customers take place. So make sure you have all the necessary equipment. You also need to make it visually appealing and practical.

Additional suggestions

Improving your office space doesn’t always mean getting the big things done. Small visual improvements can make the environment much more noticeable. The improvements include some office plants, stickers of all sorts of colors and shapes, interesting pens, and anything else you can think of will brighten up your office.


These are not the only improvements that can make your office space more lively and your team more productive. The steps we’ve outlined are just a start, but it’s a good start that will make drastic improvements.