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How to Decorate Coastal

How to Decorate Coastal

While Nautical Decor captures the adventurous spirit of the high seas, Coastal Decor is all about capturing the serenity of the coast and the simplicity of laid-back beach life. This short guide lays down the basics of coastal decor and design, followed by 7 coastal interior design ideas to help you create beautiful coastal-inspired spaces that showcase what you love about the coast .

Sea, sand, sun, salty breezes, shorebirds and treasures washed ashore are just a few of the things we love about the coast, along with feelings of relaxation, ease and fun, and a deep sense of spaciousness. It’s no surprise that coastal decor and coastal interior design have become so popular. And as you will see, coast and sea can be represented in many different ways. In general, coastal style means light and airy spaces that are bathed in white, blue, and natural tones to create a calm and relaxed space. Coastal design and aesthetics can be specific, such as B. Beach Cottage Style, Vintage Style or Modern Style. And the coastal design also takes on different forms depending on the region. Examples are New England Style (often with a nautical flair), Nantucket Cottage Style, Hamptons Style, Florida Style including Key West and Palm Beach, Tropical Island Style in general, Bohemian Style, Coastal Americana, and Mediterranean Style.

1. Coastal Colors

Sun-bleached white, light blue and green sea tones and sandy beige tones are the main colors of the coast. Other beautiful calm colors to incorporate into your coastal decor theme are dune grass green, beach pebble gray, driftwood gray and brown, and any colors you find in seashells. For some vibrant colors, think of the beautiful yellow and orange sunlight at dawn and dusk, the colors of the shore flowers, as well as all the umbrellas bursting with bright, fun colors. For room color schemes, turn to the coast – Nature’s color combinations are always perfect.

2. Space above things

Stepping onto the beach and looking out to sea, you immediately feel a sense of space and lightness.
To bring that open and spacious feel into your home, keep your spaces airy and uncluttered. Arrange furniture to keep an overall look and go easy on accessories. Make your house feel like a gentle sea breeze could flow through it.

3. Relaxed simplicity

Laid back simplicity is the way of the beach. You want the space to be comfortable and casual, whether your home style is elegant, country eclectic, or something in between. The coastal aesthetic of relaxed simplicity can be achieved regardless of your coastal decor style. Furniture and materials that can use a bit of wear and tear are good choices. Simple streamlined wooden furniture pieces as well as weathered and worn furniture pieces are all straightforward. You might even want to consider using outdoor fabrics and rugs indoors.

4. Natural fibers and textures

Use natural materials that mimic nature by the sea. Cotton and linen feel simple and airy; Woods, jute, sisal and natural woven materials all look very coastal. Think palm trees, pine trees, driftwood and dune grasses. Some woven materials are made from real seagrass. For example, a naturally woven jute or sisal rug is a great choice for an all-white coastal palette in the living room or bedroom, adding needed earthiness and texture to the space. You can always cover the rug with a smaller soft rug for extra comfort if you don’t like the texture.