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How to Decorate you walls with Flowers

How to Decorate you walls with Flowers

Decorating with flowers is always a good idea – flowers are relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly compared to other decorating alternatives, and they instantly add an organic pop of color that you can’t match with any other form of decorating.

Whether you’re looking for fresh ways to display your floral arrangements or you simply want to make the most of that bouquet you’ve brought into your home, we’ve rounded up a range of unique ways to decorate with flowers that are sure to be around brighten up your space.

Decorate with flower heads

“One way I really enjoy decorating with flowers that is less typical in the US is in an altar/devotional style of decoration,” explains Gretchen Winterkorn, flower maker at Birdess. “I decapitate flowers that are eye-catching and last longer, like dahlias, zinnias, everlasting flowers, and place them around photos, statues and memorabilia that I want to highlight and make special.”

Create floating flowers

Whether your flowers are beginning to wither or you’re just looking for a creative way to display your blooms, consider cutting off the flower heads and placing them in a shallow bowl filled with water. This makes them last longer than if you left the stems on – and offers a whole new way to look at your flowers.

Divide them into smaller vessels

It can be difficult to find a vase large enough to hold some of the fuller bouquets on the market – but breaking it up into smaller arrangements not only solves the vase solution, it could actually help you enjoy your flowers more . Consider using mason jars or a collection of random glassware for more

Use dried flowers

Dried and preserved flowers are severely underutilized—but they’re the best way to have flowers in your space without the constant pruning, watering, and cleanup afterwards. The right dried or preserved flowers will stay in prime shape for months (if not years) and are just as versatile as fresh flowers. You can either make dried flowers yourself by hanging fresh flowers upside down to dry, or you can purchase a professionally dried and preserved bouquet (although this will incur an additional cost).