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How to decorate your baby girl

How to decorate your baby girl nursery

Mothers get over excited upon finding out that their coming baby is going to be a lovely girl. Overwhelmed with idea for her clothes, accessories, nursery furniture, decor items, toys and everything else they start planning and shopping. This is your time to prepare your baby daughter’s room with all the great ideas you have. From flowery designs to simple but chic ideas, you can apply any theme you like and make your baby girl nursery a place of your dreams.

Contrasting Colors

You may prefer pink – the typical color for a girl, but you must think of a way of making it more noticeable. Only pink with light and dark shade can be repetitive. If the sheets and beddings have little flowers of yellow, red and purple colors, the nursery looks brighter. Think of contrasting colors to increase the visual appeal of the room. Grey is trendy these days. All the shades of grey look fabulous with different shades of pink. Painting the walls of nursery with the right combination of strikingly contracting pink and grey colors can make the nursery look more tranquil. If you are not interested in grey, go for turquoise. Pink and turquoise look awesome if you choose them both in light shades. Purple is another color that is highly appreciated for a baby girl nursery. Painting one room wall with purple paint can create a calm environment. Paint the other walls with any contrasting color like white, beige or pink.

Wall Décor

The wall décor of baby girl nursery is an open option for you to go artistic. A collection of similarly framed pictures can be arranged on one wall. You can also paint a branch covered with flowers spreading its arms on one wall. This décor does not cost you but only a few bucks yet looks fabulous. Fancy lights also make a good decorating option. In a few weeks after the birth of your baby girl you can take her snapshots and frame them elegantly to decorate her room. Wall paper is another cheap but highly practical way to decorate your baby girl’s nursery. These can be replaced with different designs and colors very easily when your baby grows.


Curtains are a great mean of decoration. Frilly, flowery and lovely curtains in the nursery improve the interior looks. You can go for matching colors depending on the wall paint and furniture. Contrasting colors in long curtains brings a bold change in the environment. Lace curtains increase brightness of the interior and windows that are not facing the sun are more suitable for such curtains. The daylight is not hindered to enter. Satin curtain or lace curtain look to be the most suitable choice but it is your choice which one to pick!