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How to Design a Tiny House

How to Design a Tiny House

Are you looking for design inspiration for your tiny house interior? Living in a small space means you need to find creative ways to do more with less. Below we share 19 small house design and decoration ideas that you can use!

There’s a reason bright colors are so popular in small living spaces. Colors like white, gray and beige make rooms appear more airy and larger than they actually are, as neutral colors reflect light well. Having a neutral base for your tiny home also makes it easy to change up your decorating style at will, whether you want it to be a charming bohemian hideaway or an elegant, minimalist sanctuary.

Although too many competing patterns and colors can make tiny houses feel smaller, adding a few pops of color and statement pieces can give your tiny house interior a fresh new look. A fun backsplash in the kitchen, a bright accent wall in the living room, or unexpected tiles in the shower are all ways to experiment with design without going overboard.

Sustainable living is extremely important to some people, and many small home interior design plans take this into account by using reused or recycled items. From treating and staining salvaged wood for countertops and floors, to using eco-friendly paint or wallpaper, adding overlaps to the walls for texture, designing and decorating your tiny home can help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle!

Houseplants bring a lot of life to any home and make them a great addition to a small house decor! Hang greenery from the ceiling, mount plants on the wall, or use succulents as natural decor to liven up your space and keep the air fresh. You could even create an indoor herb garden!