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How to develop your own style in your new

How to develop your own style in your new home

As you build a new home or just move to your first place, there is an opportunity to develop your own flair for style. Your home should ultimately be a reflection of you and your family. It should tell the story of your life and contain all of your most beloved and precious possessions.

If you’ve been limited by your space in the past, such as in a rental unit that doesn’t allow for a lot of personal design, have fun. Choosing your style, colors, and design for your entire home can be liberating and exciting.

When you build your dream home, you can work closely with yours handyman to design the perfect space for you. Choosing surfaces, floors and colors is part of the process. Keeping things simple can work to your advantage across the board. Once you start with the basics, you can continually update as often as you want.

Check out some tips for creating your own unique style for your new home.

Be creative

creative-rustic-bedroom-ideas This is how you develop your own style in your new home

Let your creative genius blossom. If you are smart or artistic, you can use your talents in all areas of your home. Include some of your own masterpieces in your design and decorate them with your favorite accessories and decorative items. Your home should be a reflection of who you are. So let your creative side show when furnishing your home.

Be real

We often spend far too much time worrying about what other people are thinking. It is no different in your home. In your home you have the freedom to express your personal style. Don’t let current fashion dictate what you should have at home.

Decorating the same as everyone else is boring and probably not a true reflection of your own style. Be bold in your decisions and adopt your style no matter what others think.

Start slowly

Getting the base layers of your decor set is the first and foremost part of decorating. The wall colors and floor coverings set the tone for every room. Sticking to neutral colors and quality, as well as durable flooring, will give you a great starting point.

Show your style with your accent colors and decorative items. With a neutral base, you can change your look over the years without changing everything from top to bottom.


Whenever collecting fabulous items for your home, you should always consider the functionality of the item. For example, consider your storage space. Shelves for wall units are both space-saving and display space for your special items. Using mirrors in different areas of your home can serve as both a functional and an important decorative tool. Mirrors are a great way to make small or tight areas appear much larger and to reflect more light in dark rooms.