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How to grow and care for frangipanis

An icon of the tropics, the frangipani is an easy flower to grow. The frangipani tree thrives with little maintenance, is easy to take from cuttings, and its flowers are pretty in floating bowls all summer long. Not to mention they smell gorgeous too.

Frangipanis suit any garden style and especially ones where you can throw a rug under the branches for a lazy day in the shade.

Use the shape of the frangipani tree to your advantage in the garden and pay attention to its broad umbrella shape. Plant it in a spot where you can admire it up close, near a second-story window or porch where you can fully enjoy the flowers and scent.

Take advantage of the shade it provides – a blessing on hot summer days. Plant one on the west side of your home to shade the home in summer and let the sun stream in in winter when the stems are bare.