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How to heat a swimming pool for free
(well, almost free)

How to heat a swimming pool for free (well, almost free)

If you are a new pool owner you may be wondering how to heat a pool for free. You may not have selected the pool heater you want to use.

Or the heaters you looked at might not be cost effective. Don’t let that bother you. If you are thinking of how to heat a swimming pool for free, we will give you some answers.

We’re here to show you inexpensive ways to heat your swimming pool. This way you can keep your pool warmer without incurring a huge expense.

You will learn about the different ways you can keep your pool heated. You will also learn how your pool is losing heat and how to prevent it.

When you put these tips into practice, you will drastically reduce your pool’s heating bills.

Now that you know there are inexpensive ways to keep your pool warmer, let’s take a look at how they work.

How do you heat a swimming pool for free?

Geometric-Outdoor-Inground-Pools-of-Platinum-Pool Maintenance How To Heat A Swimming Pool For Free (Well, Almost Free)
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Let’s go back to our earlier question, how to heat a swimming pool for free. To do this, you would use solar energy and heat storage. Aside from the installation costs, you don’t pay to heat your pool.

Use a black hose to keep your pool warm

blackhose How to heat a swimming pool for free (well, almost free)

Black hose is a great pool water heater. You can use it to capture the sun’s energy and heat your pool. Since dark colors store the heat, a black hose ensures natural pool heating.

Thats how it workss:

You just have to buy a black garden hose.

Purchase a black garden hose long enough to cover the distance from your pool pump to a sunny area 30 meters in length. To keep your pool warmer, choose a spot on the deck or on the roof of your home.

After you’ve chosen the location, it’s time to untangle your tubing. Connect it to the return of your pool pump. You can do this through a tap-style connection. This connection may need to be installed professionally.

Once you’ve connected your hose, run it to your chosen sunny spot.

Wrap all of your replacement tubing in a coil. The coil helps the hose stay warm. Then run the remaining hose into the pool.

Warm water circulates through this heated coil, creating a pool water heater to raise your water temperature.

Cost: $ 80- $ 150

Solar cover

Solar cover How to heat a swimming pool for free (well, almost free)

If you are looking for an inexpensive pool heater, a solar cover is a great option.


One of the main causes of heat loss in a pool is evaporation. Water evaporates during the day. Gusts of wind and the heat of the sun cause water loss. If you’re already removing warm water, cool the temperature of your pool by adding cooler water. This only applies if you prevent evaporation.

A solar cover is the perfect evaporation barrier. It not only protects against water loss, but also acts as a cheap pool heater. This is because a solar pool blanket will help you retain the heat.

By reducing evaporation, you reduce 75% of the heat loss from your pool. This saves you costs when heating your pool.

Cost: $ 50- $ 200

Heat your pool with solar panels

Solar Panel How To Heat A Swimming Pool For Free (Well, Almost Free)

Solar panels convert sunlight into energy. They are an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to heat a pool. They can also be combined with an electric heater to add warmth to your pool.

If you are wondering how to quickly heat a pool, solar panels are your best option. Combine them with your electric heating system for quick results.

The cost of installing this heater for pools depends on the size of your pool and the number of panels you need. You also need to determine the capacity of the panels you want to install. The larger your family, the more energy you will need to heat your pool.

If you want to install solar modules, you need a large surface. This surface must be in a sunny place.

Solar panels are environmentally friendly and solar energy is completely free. However, the initial cost of installing solar panels is very high.

The advantages of solar panels as a water heater

Solar pool How to heat a swimming pool for free (well, almost free)

You can use a controller to create an automatic solar pool heater. You can set your thermostat in the same way as your water geyser.

As soon as you have set your pool temperature, your controller adjusts the water flow into your panels so that you get the desired water temperature.

Your automatic pool heater records the water temperature. As well as the air outside of your pool. When the temperature is high enough to heat your pool water, the valves will open to heat your pool.

When the weather is cold or cold and your pool water cools, your automatic control closes the valves. This prevents the panels from cooling your pool water.

You should also be able to use your automated controller for other areas of pool maintenance or maintenance. By adding your pump or filtration system and lighting or vacuum cleaning system, you can make pool maintenance easier.

Use dome-shaped connections to heat your pool

Dome Shaped How To Heat A Swimming Pool For Free (Well, Almost Free)

Solar dome connections work similarly to solar mats. With a dome connector, however, the pipeline is rolled up into a dome shape. The heating for pools takes place in this dome.

Solar dimes take up much less space than solar mats. An 8 x 4 meter pool with a depth of 1.5 meters only requires ten domes. This is because each dome heats a large amount of water.

It is best to use solar domes for small pools. This is because domes, like sun mats, are dependent on sunlight. You will also use a lot of energy pushing water into and through the domes.

Domes are a little cheaper to buy than sun mats.

Solar ring heaters for pools

solarring_heater How to heat a swimming pool for free (well, almost free)

If you want to heat your pool with solar energy but are not ready to buy a solar pool blanket, you can always use solar rings.

Solar rings are like a solar pool cover that is divided into smaller rings or circles. They make inexpensive heating for pools. They are also very easy to use.

All you have to do is throw some sun rings in your pool. The amount you will need depends on the surface area of ​​your water.

Their rings absorb heat as they float. They are also connected to each other and lock to heat your pool. This is because each of the sun rings has a magnet that attracts them to each other.

Solar rings generate 21,000 BTU of heat per day

Cost: $ 50 – $ 250

Heat pool water with a floating blanket

floating ceiling How to heat a swimming pool for free (well, almost free)

A floating blanket protects your pool from evaporation. The ceiling is made of vinyl and has air bubbles that make it easy to float.

When you use this blanket, it heats the pool water by storing the heat. It does an excellent job but is not safe for children. In fact, the ceiling poses a security risk.

Because the blanket is free to float, it can wrap itself around a person who stands on it and poses a hazard. This is not a good pool heater choice for families with young children.


If you asked how to heat a swimming pool for free, you will find that there are many different options. Heating a swimming pool can be inexpensive. By heating your pool, you can extend your swimming time. We hope you found this article useful and that you find an effective solution for heating your pool.

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