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How To Make DIY Home Decorating Ideas

How To Make DIY Home Decorating Ideas

Decorating your home can be costly. Fortunately, there is no need to spoil yourself with slightly overpriced decor. Consider affordable ideas that still guarantee a classy look. Make your home more cozy with a little creative effort. You will be impressed by the variety of possibilities!

All you need is suitable materials and imagination. Check the weekly display of menards Preview on to save on DIY shopping. The attractive design shouldn’t cost a fortune! You will also be proud to present these homemade products to your guests. Here are our top recommendations.

1. Nautical vase

Think twice before throwing away an old vase. With enough jute rope you can turn it into a stylish interior. Glue it around the vase with hot glue and voila! The ship has a brand new beach look.

2. Cabinet shelf

An old cabinet door can easily be turned into a chic tray or a cheese platter. All you need is some color and a few drawers. Such homemade trays are the perfect accessory for your home television: get cheap building materials and let the transformation begin!

The process involves three straightforward steps. First, use a wooden spatula to level the surface and let it dry. Paint the door (previous sanding may be required). Finally, pre-drill holes and screw in your pullers.

3. Ceiling ladder

Use your ladder again as an instructional element. Paint it if necessary and get a suitable blanket. Be creative: decorate the latter with huge tassels and pompoms on one side. This gives your room a little cute blur.

4. Easel mounted on the wall

Attach an easel to the wall and let your children’s imagination run wild. Now her passion for drawing is harmless. On the one hand, such wall-mounted easels offer an easy way to present their masterpieces. On the other hand, they can be used for shopping lists, reminders and messages to family members.

5. Patterned chest of drawers

It’s hard to find a home without IKEA’s affordable RAST chest of drawers. At just $ 35, it’s a sturdy piece of furniture that can be decorated in a variety of ways. Get two chests of drawers and turn them into a stylish desk. Alternatively, you can use it as a canvas for your creativity. All you need is hardware, color and wallpaper.

It is easiest to paint the drawers. Give them a couple of coats with a striking hue and attach brass or gold pulls. Don’t be afraid of strong colors. How about vivid orange or green? Choose what suits your interior and make it shiny! Alternatively, you can also buy stylish wallpaper and stick it on the drawers. Give the frame a matching high-gloss tone. Crew in some classic pulls – and the job is done!

Table How To Make DIY Home Decorating Ideas

7. Book a side table

If you have a stack of books that you will never read, use them. The idea is best suited for several books with an identical design (e.g. encyclopedias). Basically, stick them together to create support for a table top. Start by making a box frame out of cut edge. It has to fit around one of the books. Next, nail the element to the bottom and paint the table top.

Take a long dowel and glue it to the center of the bottom. Drill a hole that matches the dowel through the center of each volume. Stack them, glue them together and spit through the dowel. For a classier look, spiral the books before attaching them.

8. Cork lamp

A lamp base made from a bulletin board is unusual and extremely practical. All you need is a piece of board that can be wrapped around the base of your lamp. You may need to drill a hole in the back for the cord. The last step is to cover the top of the base with an appropriately sized circle. Use hot glue.

These eight ideas are affordable and easy to implement. Don’t be afraid to experiment with old things! DIY is fun and can breathe new life into any old interior element.