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Ideas for closet doors that you should
try in your room

Ideas for closet doors that you should try in your room

An important part of a house (or construction in general) is storage. We can’t have the things we don’t use everywhere, like Christmas decorations. Despite the fact that storage rooms are so important, we hardly treat them as they should. Okay, maybe it is not so important to light it like a living room, but at least we can give him a contract on the door. We’re here today to give you some ideas for closet doors that you can use in your home.

The doors in every room are just as important as the area they enclose. We’ll always see them in storage rooms, though it’s probably not a door that we’re likely to use a lot, and if we’re looking for an outstanding home, it’s not an option to neglect it.

Today there are many modern closet doors with which we can decorate our boring closet door in a simple but effective way. Of course, we always have to consider functionality.

Our basis for decorating will be the type of door we use. There are many options on the market, from folding to the typical single-leaf sliders. From this we will examine our alternatives.

With the following guide, you will create a door that feels like part of the decoration of your house, not just a door that prevents our clothes or stored items from being seen.

But why should I change my closet door?

Kids-by-California-Closets Ideas for closet doors that you should try out in your room
Image source: California closets

Perfect, we understand that the closet doors in the bedroom aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about decoration. However, if we want to create a home that is entirely ours, every part of our bedroom must have our essence, or at least show that it wasn’t just a door choice to get through.

With these ideas for closet doors, we can easily update our environment. You won’t believe how much a room changes if you just decorate the closet door, which is basically a big blank canvas for our work.

Ideas for closet doors

Save space and ideas with folding doors

Bifold-Closet-Doors-by-Komandor-Canada-Closets-and-Doors-Inc Ideas for closet doors that you should try in your roomImage source: Komandor Canada Closets & Doors Inc.

If we don’t have a lot of space for a sliding door, folding doors are always an option. These consist of a series of panels that slide on a rail in the floor or ceiling and, unlike normal sliders, are folded into different panels to create a kind of accordion that drastically reduces the space required for installation.

Since they have multiple panels, they are perfect for multiple decorations. We can create unique closet doors with an old style by using a painting that simulates mahogany wood, or you can always go for something more modern with a mix of neutral colors and a contrasting dark color.

Create large spaces with mirrors

Ideas for Ashton-Woods-Atlanta-Interiors-by-Ashton-Woods closet doors that you should try in your roomImage source: Ashton Woods

The use of mirrors is one of the most traditional alternatives for closet doors. Not only are they practical because they allow us to see ourselves when we try on an outfit, they also help create larger spaces by reflecting the opposite side of the decoration and creating an excellent visual trick.

A classic picture with the sliding doors of the barn

Chancellor-estate-through-castle-building-from-Santa-Barbara closet doors Ideas that you should try out in your roomImage source: Castle building of Santa Barbara

If we have a lot of space on the side, a sliding door as used in barns is a very original option. Well, they’re not as rudimentary as the ones in the barns, but they hide their rustic look very well.

The only problem can be to get this design in a store. We best recommend that you opt for an old wooden door. Otherwise, you should hire a reliable carpenter who can build the door for us. Although we can also use tablets that simulate the style, we have to avoid this being uncomfortable when closing or opening the door.

Revolution with the use of glass doors

A good milk or multilayer glass door is perfect for a door. Of the ideas for closet doors, this is one of the most daring as people don’t tend to use glass to hide their belongings. With the right treatment, however, we can even frame the plate with wood or aluminum so that it has a modern finish (and doesn’t look as much as a shower door).

When working with glass, the best decoration is grinding or the way the visual stops the other side.

Curtains are an economical option

Ideas for home organization solutions by ORG home closet doors that you should try out in your roomImage source: ORG Home

This is one of the most economical closet door ideas you can find. If we are desperately looking for a change but are somewhat limited on an economic level, we can always use a fabric curtain to cover our closet.

The fabrics we can use are very different, with every pattern we want. In addition, we can get creative and combine the use of fabrics with traditional wooden doors for a unique finish.

Save space with sliding doors

Closet-Sliding-Doors-by-TransFORM-Home Closet Doors Ideas to try out in your roomImage source: transFORM Home

Sliding doors are very similar to the barn or folding doors, but in this case we have a rigid board that slides sideways on a rail and lies in front of or behind another table that also functions as a door.

Thanks to this design, they are perfect when we don’t have space as everything is on a rail with reduced dimensions. The good thing about this type of door is that it has many styles, from the simplest to those with mirrors.

Crazy about colors

Kids-by-California-Closets1 ideas for closet doors that you should try in your roomImage source: California closets

We not only have to choose classic black and white (or its variants in gray), but a daring color mix can also be perfect for a modern style.

Consider using colors like purple, red, or yellow. Give them variety with patterns in horizontal lines that fit the space.

A refined style with French doors

French doors are works of art. This type of cabinet door opens outwards to create a majestic view of the inside. In addition, they are decorated with moldings and paintings in gold and white colors, including luxurious tones such as black.

Easy installation with roller shutters

Guest-Bedroom-by-PS Design Closet Doors Ideas To Try In Your RoomImage source: PS design

This is a common design and it is not that difficult to bring it to market. The advantage of this wardrobe is that it is easy to install and purchase, while maintaining a very elegant style.

A clean design with bookcase doors

Although a better term really is that of hidden doors, because its construction tends to conform to the frame and other doors, so that no imperfection is seen between them, creating a completely smooth wall.

These doors give us a large canvas to decorate on, and of course each door itself can have its own color to create patterns. The only problem is that they are relatively large in size to install.

Unleash your creativity with blackboard paint

Learn-and-display-sliding-doors-by-opening-closing-doors closet doors Ideas that you should try in your roomImage source: Open | close the door

It’s amazing that something like this exists these days, but it’s pretty handy to be one of the closet door ideas of the day. With the blackboard paint, we can transform any desired surface into a fully functional slate.

This is a creative alternative if you want to put fonts or drawings on the door and it is very useful if the wardrobe is for children as they can have fun for hours.

Shoji style doors

City-Zen-Space-by-Marie-Burgos-Design closet doors Ideas that you should try out in your roomImage source: Marie Burgos design

Only by using a mix of white and wood can we create a style very similar to that of the famous Japanese Shoji panels.

If we are looking for a minimalist design or to match Asian furniture and a relaxed environment, this style (which benefits from low maintenance) is perfect for us.

Retouch your doors with wallpaper

Wallpaper-bedroom-closet-by-Tamar-Schechner-Nest-Pretty-Things-Inc closet doors ideas you should try in your roomImage source: Tamar Schechner / Nest Pretty Things Inc.

We can always choose a simple solution once we have installed our doors and pad them with paint or paper to give them a new life. When their time has passed and they are just falling apart, this face lift can save you a lot of trouble.

Soft colors for a cozy charm

Closet-with-a-View-by-Visual-Jill-Interior-Decorating Closet-Doors Ideas To Try In Your RoomImage source: Visual Jill interior

By using a gray color for the doors, you can create a softer and more relaxing style while keeping it modern. The only important thing when choosing this design is that we take the color of our room into account so that it does not collide.

Alternative ideas for cabinet doors – update instead of replace

Derby-Hill-Farm-Lyme-NH-by-Smith-and-Vansant-Architects-PC closet-doors ideas to try out in your roomImage source: Smith & Vansant Architects PC

As mentioned earlier, sometimes we can update the design of our doors instead of completely changing them. This is especially perfect when we don’t have the budget for a new one. Some ideas for updating are:

  • Change the color of the color of the door, taking into account that the wood will not be damaged in this case.
  • At the construction level, add small details such as: B. Moldings that make the door look completely new.
  • Consider the use of mirrors. These are not so expensive and guarantee a more spacious room.

These are just a few ideas for bedroom doors. However, you don’t just have to stick to what we offer in this guide. In general, there are many alternatives to decorate the cabinet door. The most important thing is that you are happy with the result and always try to make it stand out.

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