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Incredible reasons why you should get a
metal garden shed (even if you’re not a gardener)

Incredible reasons why you should get a metal garden shed (even if you’re not a gardener)

The humble garden shed: it has survived the rise of modernity, postmodernity and crazy paving! It has survived garden revolutions and changes. And it’s still here. More popular than ever!

Why do we still love our garden houses?

Why do so many millions of us own one and so many of us want one?

It’s easy.

Garden fashion may come and go, but the garden shed outlasts them all. And no wonder. It’s practical, versatile (it has about a million uses); It is still the epitome of garden accessories. Call it what you want. But it’s not just functional, it’s also a function.

A garden shed should be part of your garden as much as your flower beds and patios.

Garden houses are no longer just for gardeners!

The garden shed is the gardener’s indispensable accessory that we all desire. Just because we love our gardens doesn’t necessarily mean that we love gardening. That is why the modern garden shed is not just a storage place for garden tools!

Of course there are still scales for storage, but there are scales for just about everything else. Bicycle shed, children’s shed and flower shed; not to mention Workshop shed, Offices and tailor-made playrooms, all modeled on the garden house.

And then there are the summer houses, play houses; even log cabins!

The garden shed is infinitely variable and infinitely surprising. Office space, game rooms or even decorative rooms; The garden shed can be all of these things and much more.

Best of all, because gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Garden houses too. Do you have a small stamp garden? How about a wall-mounted storage shed or corner shed? neat, compact and perfect for the neat storage of toys and tools.

Do you have a larger garden with space to fill? Then the sky is the limit! Have you ever dreamed of owning your own log cabin? Are you asking for a workshop? Are you thinking of an office? There are garden sheds that meet every need and criterion – at price tags for every customer.

And you can find them all here. We have scales for every need and ideas that inspire you.

Garden houses are not only available in a variety of styles, but also in a range of materials. Metal, plastic and wood; different colors, shaded and ready – everything ready to give your garden the finishing touch.

Garden sheds are designed and built for all types of demanding consumers. They are designed to meet our budgetary and spatial constraints, our need for easy assembly and our requirements for form and function. They are designed for modern consumers, designed for durability and designed for use. That’s why garden houses are still so popular. That is why they remain popular.

If you didn’t know it, you will soon: dandruff is stylish; Dandruff is multifunctional; Dandruff is fun!

Why do we recommend metal scales?

Metal scales are not just designed for durability. They are designed for durability. And last!

The metal shed is the last line in an impermeable, impregnable annex. Certainly strong enough to act as an Anderson air-raid shelter – sturdy enough to take care of itself.

No maintenance required.

No worries about building either.

Metal scales are simple, uncomplicated and, above all, quick to construct. Flatpack for standing shed in no time. All of this means complete security in less time than painting the thing. (Not bad when you consider that metal scales are completely painted!)

How strong are metal scales?

So metal scales are hard. We have noticed so much. But how hard?

Typically, metal scales are made from galvanized steel, coated with PVC, painted – and then repainted. They cannot be broken in, they cannot be moved and they will shake off the worst that English winters can throw at them.

With bolted doors, stainless steel reels and padlock fittings; Even optional alarms, your shed is your fortress. And there is even more security. While the exact requirements vary from shed to shed, most metal sheds are designed to be bolted to the floor for even more stability – and strength. (Of course, all the necessary fittings are standard.)

All this security means that metal sheds are an ideal solution for your insurance worries. Kit cars, motorcycles, mowers and more can be locked securely. So sure, in fact, that many metal scales have been certified by the Loss Certification Board and have been awarded safety rating 1!

Since metal scales are tailored to your more specific requirements, you can also adapt them to your requirements. Do you want a window Fine. Two windows? Okay. No windows? No problem. And don’t forget the add-ons. Additional shelves, security and even floors are available. Just choose your perfect shed and then make it a little more perfect!

Sounds good; What is the catch?

Well, one would generally expect to have to sacrifice design for security reasons; and choice for the cost. But not in this case.

Metal shed are available in garden green and subtle ivory colors; They are designed for everyday use – not for commercial customers. This means that they are built for the purpose, but designed for your garden. They are manufactured according to industry standards and are not calculated at industry prices.

They are strong – and they look good – and they are affordable – but why use a metal shed when wood would? Because there is nothing comparable: safe, secure and easy to use: metal scales are fire-proof, penetration-proof and practically damage-proof. Whatever is in there stays in there – safe, dry and completely untouched.

With a metal shed you not only store, you protect.