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Inspirational Mediterranean tiles to make a statement in your home

When decorating your home, using tiles can make a real statement, especially if you want a pop of color or texture. They are versatile, easy to clean, and can be used to cover areas regardless of shape. Mediterranean tiles are full of warmth and sunshine and can really inspire your decor choices. From the unique mosaic patterns of Greece to the Portuguese blue and white patterns, you can use both traditional and modern tiles to make a statement in your home.

Traditional Portuguese tiles

The Portuguese not only use tiles on the inside of their houses, but also on the outside. The most traditional design, available in natural shades of blue and white, is called azulejo. You will see these ornate houses, especially in coastal towns. The word literally means “small polished stone” and you will find that they are cut into beautiful symmetrical and geometric shapes. For a real Mediterranean feeling in your kitchen, you can use these tiles as a splash guard on a wall. They will remind you of sunny days, port wine, surfing, and seafood the warm Portuguese culture.

Cool Italian flooring

Think of the beautiful villas that stand proudly on the shores of Lake Como and Lake Garda in Italy. These beautiful azure lakes are home to some of the richest families in Italy. They also attract a lot of celebrities – George Clooney likes to spend the summer In his house is the Villa Oleandra with a view of Lake Como. The interior is of course decadent, but very reserved, and tiles help. For example, the traditional kitchen has a lovely dark stone tile floor that is cool in summer and warm in winter. Experts in the tile industry Atlas ceramics recommend using extra large natural stone floor tiles to achieve the same effect in your own home.

Geometric French tiles

Traditional French tiles are durable and are often made from terracotta. This natural tone is warm, rich, and has a sense of luxury. The geometric honeycomb design is particularly inspiring – it certainly differs from a square layout. These tiles are ideal for a dining area, they have a nice texture and give your room a feeling of warmth and comfort. If treated well, they will last a lifetime.

Mediterranean tile designs can be really inspiring to make a statement in your home. You can use the colors and textures to add a sense of style and sophistication to your living space.