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Interior design 101: how to choose the
perfect corner accent chair

Interior design 101: how to choose the perfect corner accent chair

According to Market researchwe take the purchase of a new piece of furniture very seriously. Furniture and decor are linked to our self-confidence, and choosing the perfect piece that shows who we are and what we like is not always easy.

Especially when it comes to accent chairs! When choosing a corner accent chair, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure you get the perfect piece.

For this reason, we will tell you exactly what to consider when choosing a new accent chair. So you can choose the ultimate piece for your room!

Identify the ideal size

It is always important that you choose the right size furniture. This is especially important when choosing a corner accent chair.

Accent chairs can work wonderfully to fill in uncomfortable corners of the room that look bare and unfinished. Choosing a chair that is too small can ruin its purpose, and that annoying corner can still look a little bare even with the chair inserted.

Conversely, choosing a chair that is too large can create a feeling of congestion in that area of ​​the room. A room chair that is too big can overwhelm other elements of the room as well.

So calculate the corner you want to fill and measure which chair size is the most harmonious in the room.

Measure the height of other furniture

Accent furniture isn’t usually meant to be too closely aligned with other furniture – the whole point is that the piece of furniture acts as an accent in the room.

At the same time, accent pieces generally work best when connected to the other furniture in some way.

A great way to ensure that the part you choose subtly matches the rest of your furniture is to adjust the seat heights. If your accent chair is the same height as all the other seating furniture in the room, it creates the gentle impression that the furniture belongs together.

In addition to measuring the seat height, you can also measure the height of tables or stands that may be placed next to the accent chair.

Think about how much it is used

Next, you need to consider how much your new accent chair will be used. Is it just to fill an awkward space? Or are you planning cozy hours of reading?

If you want your future accent chair to serve as a design element rather than a seat, you can “go out” a little more with the design and choose a piece that only serves aesthetics. For example, chairs are not used as often in places like hallways and bathrooms and can be more decorative than practical.

However, if the chair goes into the lounge, there is a chance that it will be used a little and therefore it should be nice and comfortable.

Consider possible risks to the target, e.g. B. Children and pets

If you have children or pets, it is a good idea to consider how well potential parts stand out.

Leather pieces are ideal if you have children as spills or handprints are easy to wipe off. Leather is also a good finish when there are pets around as pet hair will not stick to it. In contrast, wool surfaces are one of the worst for picking up dandruff hair.

If you don’t like leather finishes, you want your chair to be very comfortable but easy to wipe clean. Do not despair. There are even solutions for this logistically narrow corner. For example, the Eames La Chaise combines comfort with utility. Read this unique chair More Here.

Weigh the aesthetics of the room

Now for the fun part! Decide which look you want for your new chair.

The first thing to do is analyze the aesthetics of the space it is going into. Once you’ve identified the integral design theme that you’ve already worked on, it’s time to decide whether to complement or dilute it.

For example, if you have a traditional design theme and it feels a little heavy, you can throw in a slightly more modern piece to brighten the effect and update the space a bit.

If you are very happy with the subject and want to repeat and add to it, you can choose a piece that matches your existing subject.

Decide on the finish

Once you’ve determined the overall look of your new chair, it’s time to decide on the finishes. Hitting the ideal surfaces can feel a little daunting, but there is a simple recipe for success.

First, consider the color scheme and any other repeated elements of the room. Then decide if you want to reinforce these or if you want to change things up by introducing a new pattern, color, texture or a new type of metal fittings.

A great way to spell out which colors are right for your accent chair is to use a Color wheel tool. This will give you an idea of ​​which colors will pop and which will blend in.

Plan what you want to add to your new chair

Finally, take a minute to think about what to add to the chair.

Do you want a small table next to it? What about pillows or a throw? Will it need a standing light next to it? Are you gonna hang something over it

All of these are great questions to ask before making your final purchase.

Now you know how to choose the perfect corner accent chair

Choosing the accent chair in the right corner can be a tricky business. But now that you know about these decision-making tips, you can choose a perfect accent chair that looks fantastic in your room.

If the ideal accent chair isn’t the only thing you need to get your hands on, check out our furniture section for the best guides on how to choose furniture.