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Is your air conditioner not working as it
should?  One of these 8 reasons is
probably the culprit

Is your air conditioner not working as it should?  One of these 8 reasons is probably the culprit

The hottest day of summer is not the time when the home air conditioner fails. Super hot days put a lot of strain on any air conditioner, especially old ones that are in poor condition. Avoid AC problems during the cooling season by having the system checked and serviced each spring. If the air conditioning suddenly stops working, there are probably 8 culprits. Some are easier to repair than others. In case of problems, it is advisable to have a heating and air conditioning service available.

Why should a homeowner speak to a repair service before there are problems?

Minnesota is a state that can transition from record temperatures to uncomfortably hot temperatures in a matter of months. This puts a strain on the heating and cooling systems in every house. They last longer and work more efficiently if they are regularly used by a company such as Companies that specialize in HVAC systems have the daily experience and training to identify problems and correct them properly the first time.

Choose a company with a good reputation on site and well-trained technicians who work on your home’s heating and cooling systems. The company should be able to work on any brand and model of air conditioner or heater. Many newer systems are designed to provide warmth in winter and air conditioning in the hot months. The service company should understand and have experience in repairing all systems. Check out the company’s online rating services and website.

It’s a good idea to sign a service contract once or twice a year, where the company sends a technician to inspect both the heating and cooling systems and switch from heating to cooling or cooling to heating. In this way, both systems are kept in good condition.

What are 8 likely culprits for AC that don’t work?

If the air conditioner is not working efficiently or is no longer working, there are possible reasons to have an HVAC specialist examine you.

  1. This problem can be solved by the homeowner. Clogged filters block the airflow. Some filters can be cleaned, others need to be replaced. Air conditioners need a clean filter and free airflow to work at full capacity. If a family has pets or the air conditioner is running all the time, the filters need to be cleaned or replaced more often. Filters usually last three to twelve months.
  2. Dirty condenser coils do not discharge hot air efficiently. This condenser coil can be compared to a cooler, only they extract the heat from the air and dissipate it to the outside. In addition, the ventilation slots and registers must be kept clean and must not be blocked by furniture.
  3. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, it cannot circulate sufficiently through the evaporator coils to cool the air. For this problem, a specialist has to add the correct type and amount of coolant.
  4. If the air conditioner compressor is broken or worn, major repair or replacement is required. The compressor is like an engine and the heart of the air conditioning system. It compresses the coolant and circulates it through the evaporator and condenser coils. If it doesn’t work, the cooling will not take place.
  5. The thermostat or the sensor controls the air conditioning to keep the house at the set temperature. If it is faulty, the air conditioner will not work efficiently. It can run constantly or not enough to cool down. Newer systems may have remote control devices that may be defective and need to be replaced. If this is the problem, the homeowner can order a replacement remote. Check whether the thermostat has the correct setting and whether the room temperature is this temperature.
  6. There are other parts of the air conditioner that can wear out or become defective. These include the operating capacitor, the control board, the thermistor, a faulty motor or a blocked capillary. Defective parts require a professional heating and cooling repair expert.
  7. Another problem could be an AC unit that is the wrong size for the house. If the AC unit is too small, it will have to work too hard to cool the room and may not be able to cool a room larger than intended. The AC unit should always be purchased according to the room size rating or the house size rating for an entire house system.
  8. Sometimes the outside temperature is just too high for the existing AC unit or system. Air conditioners have an optimal operating temperature. Each unit has a maximum ambient temperature at which it can cool down most effectively. If the higher temperature persists for too long, the AC device may not keep up and may not work properly.

Save time and hire an AC specialist

Not all of the above problems are easy to spot or fix. It doesn’t work to go through the list of possible errors and throw parts onto the system. This can be costly and ineffective. It would cost less money and take less time if the professional AC service company came out and inspected the AC. They know what to look for, find the real problem quickly, and can fix it. They have the necessary parts or a supplier from whom they can be obtained.

If the AC system needs to be replaced, the company can supply a system that is suitable for every home. Every AC system has a limited lifespan. When AC devices need to be replaced, the new AC devices are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. New air conditioners take up less space and cost less operation. Take the opportunity to buy an air conditioner that is properly sized for the house and works more efficiently.