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Let yourself be impressed by these modern
worktop designs

Let yourself be impressed by these modern worktop designs

A countertop can make one or break one Aesthetics of the entire kitchen. Pick the right one and you’ve created yourself a welcoming space where people are more than willing to pass their time. However, choose the wrong one and risk a room that even you, the homeowner, don’t enjoy spending time in, plus grab a quick snack and then flee to one of your favorite rooms.

Granite has long been the king as one of the top options for countertop material. It is breathtakingly beautiful, durable and gives a kitchen a modern and refreshing look. However, time has passed and the days of the granite countertops are slowly fading as more contenders seek to become the front runners.

Here are just a few materials that are making waves in the worktop world:


One of the most popular types of countertops currently on the market is quartzite countertops. These countertops are usually on the lighter end of the scale, with soothing tones of white that vary a bit and some colors that run through them for good measure.

While Quartzite counter are a pinch more expensive per square foot than granite, are much more durable, and withstand heat much better. White may be one of the predominant options in quartzite counters, but there are large color variations.

They are characterized by vibrant but not overwhelming colors and suitability for high-traffic areas that could wear down other types of countertops.


You read that right, concrete countertops. Do not imagine the same type of concrete that was used to pour foundations. However, it seems that concrete technology has advanced a lot over the past few years and what is on offer now is well worth a look.

Newer concrete formulations are much lighter than the older types, yet durable enough to withstand household use. These countertops can be customized to be just about any color, and some are even reminiscent of previous granite counters Countertop designs that used to be popular.

They can be made off-site, but some are poured straight into your kitchen and left to dry just before your eyes.

Butcher block

Some people can’t get over the allure of wooden tables and I can’t say I blame them. A popular type of wood worktop is the butcher block style.

With these worktops, wooden boards of different lengths and colors alternate in a complementary pattern over the entire worktop and have a slightly shiny surface. People enjoy their usefulness in food preparation and it is not uncommon for a granite or quartzite countertop to have a small island of butcher’s block that is explicitly used for dividing food.

The countertop is one of the most important aspects of any kitchen or even every bathroom and sets the atmosphere for the entire room. Choose a modern design that will complement the rest of your home well and you will see the difference the minute it is installed in your home. What used to be just a place to prepare a bit of food is now a place to go beyond that.