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Make your move easy with the Marie Kondo

Make your move easy with the Marie Kondo method

You have probably heard of the Japanese housekeeper who helps people clean up their homes around the world. Marie Kondo made a name for her tidy life with her guide, The life-changing magic of cleaning up.

More recently, her Netflix series to clean up shows viewers how clearing your life can help make room for the really important things in life; Bringing people together, realizing their ambitions and significantly reducing stress. Minimalism is a growing movement as people shrink their space and enjoy a calmer, more motivated mindset with fewer “things” getting in the way.

Millions of people have seen success with the KonMari method – they have changed their way of life and only kept items that “bring joy”. Moving home is an especially good time to learn the art of order. If you set good habits from the start and make sure you don’t fill your house with too much material too soon, your new location will remain spotless.

We can all benefit from getting rid of clutter, whether you want to downsize or just want to save Removals Costs. How can you apply the most important KonMari principles to your move?

Do you really need all this bells and whistles? So relax before you move

Moving home is probably the best time to get rid of unnecessary belongings – also known as clutter! If you’ve lived in the same place for a while and you’re something like the majority of the population, then you probably have heaps of storage boxes that just burst at the seams, not to mention the closet under the stairs that you must never have Open fear of avalanches!

Rather than treating tidying up as a slow process from room to room, Marie Kondo’s hugely successful method encourages you to tidy everything up at once and approach the task category by category. The order of the categories is also important as they get more difficult over time:

  1. clothes
  2. Books
  3. papers
  4. Different articles
  5. Sentimental items

Cleaning up is a mindset for Kondo. Debugging is a process in which you should only keep the items that you enjoy – and let go of anything that isn’t. For each category, make a pile to keep and a pile to discard (give these items to charity if you can to give them a new life!).

Part of the difficulty in separating from possessions can be sentimentality; With Kondo’s method, however, you hold the item in your hands and thank it before you part with it, which makes debugging a more cathartic process. Of course, there will be some things like medical records and basic toiletries that are necessary and need to go with you. But be strict with yourself, because only if you change your mindset dramatically will you avoid a rebound!

How can you pack efficiently?

It is important to completely suppress interference first, and then you can focus on packing the remaining items. Just like Marie Kondo recommends tidying up by category rather than space, you should apply the same principle to your packaging process. Once you’ve divided each of your possessions into storage and filing piles, you can think about packing them up for your move. First, lay out everything so that you can easily see what to pack.

There are a few personal items that you may need during your move. It is best to put them aside and pack them in a separate suitcase. If you want to pack your clothes, use the KonMari folding method (Cleverly fold items that stand on their own) to save space and make it easier to unpack the other end. If you later find that you need to get something out of your suitcase, it will be a lot easier to find. For other items, stack heavy items at the bottom of the box with lighter items on top, and stack the boxes together that way too to avoid crushing. Fragile items should be carefully packaged and packed as padding between clothing or linen. Finally, neatly label each box by category so that your unpacking process in your new home is very efficient!

Live the clear dream in your new home

When you move to your new location, you want to make the room exactly how you want it, and add decorations, furniture, and finally your possessions. While the first phase of Kondo’s technique is debugging, the second is deciding where to keep things. We should exercise self-control and go through the discarding process completely before putting things away. As you unpack, you may find that there are more items that are no longer giving pleasure, so you can part with them too.

Marie Kondo’s clean-up methods allow you to make your home spacious and chic from the start. In fact, their folding technique is absolutely revolutionary. Never again will you have to go through your closet to find your favorite outfits because you just use them Folding techniqueThey will stand vertically and visibly, which makes getting dressed a little easier in the morning. Kondo also warns against being wary of storage solutions, as these can often mask clutter and are the easy option that you can use to pretend that your home is fine, even though the items may no longer be fun. The real goal of your cleanup should be to make sure you achieve the lifestyle you want once you’ve ordered your surroundings. It will make cleaning your home easier and you won’t lose things as often, saving you more time and energy to focus on the things you love.

Advocate for a tidy mindset to change your living space and your life!

It is worth investing time in the KonMari method. Not only will it be more fun to be in your new, uncluttered home, but you’ll also get such tremendous benefits from the transformation that it is unlikely that you will ever put your home out of service again. Kondo boasts that no one who completed the KonMari Process has ever relapsed: “If you use the right method and focus your efforts on thoroughly and completely eliminating clutter in a short period of time, you will see results immediately, they empower you to keep your place in order forever. “With the KonMari method you can (and should) really strive for perfection!