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Multiple resources for your
asian inspired decor

Multiple resources for your asian inspired decor

Culturally diverse and rich in colors and designs Asia is the part of the world where you can get plenty of ideas from and find ample material to put your ideas in practice. While you arrange the setting of your home in any style, add some spice to it by choosing some artifacts from Asia. You always have a wide choice of handcrafted items, colorful decoration pieces and multiple types of rugs and wooden furniture bits that depict the rich cultural heritage of Asia.

Rugs for Ground and Walls

Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Russian states are popular for their top quality rugs. Fabulous designs and top quality material has put these rugs at the highest level of elegance and style. Choosing some rich color rugs with intricate designs can give your living room warmth and liveliness. To make the whole environment responsive with your rug, add some matching color wall-paper, lamp shades and cushion covers.  A mall rug for the walls looks great behind the sofa. Walls of living room are mostly decorated with framed pictures, your Asian inspired décor style needs a rug depicting an old Iranian or Greek myth. One rug on an empty wall has strong effects on the environment especially if you spent some effort in finding a unique and colorful rug.

Carved Furniture

Sophisticatedly carved furniture is the hallmark of Asian inspired décor. If you get two wood chairs in your living room with beautifully carved backs and colorful cushions, you might not have to do more.  The wall mirrors with carved wooden frames have a great influence on the environment. With carved chairs or a small table in the living room, arrange for a wall mirror, too and to add some extra color  to your Asian inspired décor, get some fake flowers to arrange them on the side tables or the wall around the mirror.

Ceramic Stools or Vases

Chinese style ceramic garden stools are a great décor idea for your living room. Vases with beautiful Chinese painting are also a good source to get in touch with Asian décor. These little object come in trendy colors and designs. Making choice is up to your interior and home setting.


Who can miss the statutes of Buddha for Asian inspired décor at his home? There are small, big, stone, ceramic, wooden and clay statutes but of you can find a mud color clay statue it would look more orginial and antique. There are man size statues to tiny statues of elephants and lions that look majestic in your living room.

You can have a rich combination of more than one above mentioned items in your Asian inspired décor. Make sure that you cinsider the sizeof your rooms and corridors before choosing the artifacts.