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Painted Wall Mural Ideas to Brighten Any Room

Painted Wall Mural Ideas to Brighten Any Room

A painted mural can give you the bold look of wallpaper without the high price tag, and you don’t have to be a professional artist to create one. Unlike wallpaper—which can be expensive and notoriously difficult to hang—a mural can often be completed in an afternoon. It’s an easy way to transform your space without spending a lot of money or committing to a long-term look.

Best of all, you don’t have to be an artist to create a beautifully painted accent wall. Abstract shapes and bold geometric lines are all the rage these days, which means you don’t need Picasso-level artistic skills to paint your own mural. This home decor trend is also non-binding – if you don’t like the result of your mural, you can simply paint over it and start over.

Before you start painting
We recommend giving your wall a fresh coat of primer before you start muraling, but most of our favorite ideas can be completed with just a few liters of paint. That’s quite a steal compared to the cost of wallpaper or decals. However, think twice before using paint sample pots – many do not contain all the necessary ingredients that regular paint has for a long-lasting effect.

Wall murals are the latest throwback trend that we love
Wall murals can’t help but grab the limelight, so reserve them in places that deserve attention. You can choose to feature an existing element (e.g. a mantelpiece), an important piece of furniture (think a bed, sofa, media cabinet) or a room entrance. On the other hand, a mural can also add much-needed architectural interest. A large drywall makes an excellent canvas, while an awkward corner could make a pretty focal point.

To inspire you for your next oversized piece of art, we’ve rounded up our most popular wall mural ideas to get you started. All you need is a blank wall, some paint and your imagination.