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The steps to create the ultimate
beach-themed bathroom

The steps to create the ultimate beach-themed bathroom

Almost all of us love the beach, the sun and the smell of the ocean. Imagine taking a look at it in your own home. For some of us, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, primarily because it reflects the personality of the homeowner. It says a lot about the cleanliness and taste of a person in the interior. You don’t want to neglect such a place by making it look boring and plain. So why not spice things up and make them more summery? Whether you own a beach house or are just a beach lover, a beach-themed bathroom feels like a fresh summer breeze in your home.

To restore that feeling of joy and peace in your home, we’ve put together some tips and guidelines for the ultimate beach-themed bathroom.

Beach shower curtains

The shower curtain is a striking element in the bathroom that draws the attention of most guests when entering. Choose the print that suits you best from the wide range of options available. You can choose one with ocean prints that creates the image of a crystal clear beach. If that seems too tricky for you, you can opt for a colorful curtain to reflect the mood of a day at the beach. It can be light blue, white or warm, sunny shades.

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Choose the right floor

In most beach houses, you will find that the bathrooms are fairly simple, yet of good quality. To do this in your own place, consider buying loose-laid vinyl floors by Integra Direct;; It is a trendy, heavy vinyl plank floor that is more dimensionally stable than normal plank tiles – and is super trendy all over Australia. The type in wood look not only fits perfectly with bathrooms with beach motifs, but is also waterproof. Combine it with the right colors and accessories and you will feel like you are in the middle of summer.

Show accessories

Not everyone will like going out with items that could cost a lot to revise, so there’s always the option to create a certain look by adding a few details. There are accessories here. Keep it simple and neat by adding a few solid-colored items like shell hooks, driftwood, and framed pictures of corals. Combine these items with white or blue painted walls to get the feel you want.

Go for a pebble tile shower

You can choose pebble tiles that cover your entire space from ceiling to floor. You just have to make sure it is simple and in neutral colors. This sand-inspired feeling keeps your bathroom cold in hot summers. If you live in a cold place, you should avoid this option.

Add rugs with beach motifs

Don’t you just love how carpets can change your whole room? They not only protect the floor from water, but also give your rooms a cool dash of color and a visual aesthetic. Beach-inspired carpets would mostly be striped in nautical colors. You can also opt for carpets that are simple if you prefer. A plain white or light blue rug will add a sense of brightness to your decor.

Add some sink accessories

You can easily mess around with the sink accessories to give your bathroom a new look. This inexpensive option can be displayed in toothbrush holders, lotion bottles or soap dishes. You can choose simple ones or choose sets that look like shells.

Glass walls

Glass walls are the perfect combination of everything, right? Whether your home is modern or modern, glass walls go perfectly with most designs and tastes. Together with the visual interest they add, they create a sense of space in small areas. These walls let in natural sunlight and brighten up your beach-inspired bathroom.

All white bathroom

According to most interior designers, white is the trend this year – although we wonder when it was never in trend! A completely white bathroom looks bright and tidy and exudes the summer mood you desire.

If you want your bathroom to feel like a wonderful retreat, all you have to do is figure out exactly how much your budget is, how far you want to go with the renovation, and which items you like best. There are many ideas for this style of furnishing that will give you the perfect feeling of a beach vacation. Take the time to decide what suits you best and be inspired.