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The understated beauty of polished

The understated beauty of polished concrete

Concrete is often dismissed as an unsightly floor covering. Many homeowners and business owners usually see concrete and want to cover it up immediately. You can cover concrete with tiles, carpet and hardwood, but you can also make the most of your flooring and transform it into something beautiful.

Polished concrete is a great way to get your boring and dusty concrete on a great floor with many benefits. Polished concrete is achieved by sanding and sealing the concrete to achieve a rich stone finish. This concrete floor not only has to have a solid gray color, but you can spice it up with your favorite colors.

Traditional concrete has a lot of dust that accumulates and tends to flake and crack. Normal concrete is also very porous and creates an environment that is prone to stains and discoloration. Polished concrete is hardened, which makes it tough and resistant to cracks and flaking. Once the floor is polished, it becomes dirt-repellent. The compaction of the surface prevents stains from penetrating the surface by converting a concrete floor into a taut surface. This surface repels water, oil and other contaminants.

Polished concrete is also a very reflective surface that creates a lighter space that is great for spaces that are naturally darker. A lighter area, whether at home or in the shop, reduces your energy costs. If you have a brighter room, you can achieve lower illuminance, saving your HVAC load and saving money on your energy bills.

Even though polished concrete has a shiny surface, it is actually non-slip. By sanding the floor, the floor becomes non-slip and most polished concrete floors exceed the OSHA standards.

Polished concrete floors are less maintenance-intensive than conventional floors. Tile floors require extreme scrubbing and cleaning to get a clean floor. Hardwood floors require special cleaning agents and expensive maintenance to look optimal, while polished concrete requires minimal maintenance. A dust wiper ensures that your polished concrete floors look good. No waxing or peeling is required to maintain the shine.

Polished concrete can save a lot of money in your home or business. This not only reduces your energy costs due to its reflectivity, but also requires minimal maintenance cost savings. No special cleaning agents or devices are required for this floor covering, which can quickly result in costs!

Improved conditions for old floors are a big advantage of polished concrete. The process of this floor grinds and hardens the surface of the old floor, making it stronger. Aged concrete can show stains and discoloration that can be removed by the process of polished concrete.

Polished concrete is a beautiful flooring that is durable and easy to maintain. This flooring can be laid as new or transform your old concrete into a beautiful flooring that is sure to draw everyone’s attention. With this inexpensive floor you save a lot of energy costs and last for years!

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