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Tips for victorian bathrooms

Victorian bathrooms are elegant and timeless. They bring out the traditional vibe and are inspired by the Victorian era bathrooms and palaces. They represent luxury, class and comfort. If you have a taste for the antique and the retro traditional style then you need to design your bathroom in a Victorian theme. To achieve a Victorian bathroom look is not as hard as it sounds.

Keep in mind the following things while decorating a Victorian styled bathroom.

When it comes to Victorian bathrooms, the right paint is very important. Victorian bathrooms are not usually all white. Use retro colors or another good idea is to use wallpapers with retro patterns. Paneling also gives a nice Victorian look.

Similarly when choosing tiles, use warm colors or wooden flooring.

Bath tubs that stand on claw footed legs are the prime feature of Victorian bathrooms. They will instantly make your bathroom look traditional and classy.

Use gold or bronze colored piping and plumbing in your bathroom.

Use patterned bathroom accessories. Usually floral patterns look elegant.

When it comes to sinks, the common pedestal sinks are used in Victorian themed bathrooms.

You can add a rug to your bathroom and get big windows with large falling curtains.

Victorian bathrooms have extra accessories like a cushion chair, a wooden table or cupboard.

For lighting, chandeliers bring out the perfect Victorian taste in your bathroom.

While choosing a mirror, use something that is antique preferably a mirror with a gold or a bronze frame.