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Top tips for dog-friendly interior design

Top tips for dog-friendly interior design

As long as someone can remember, the dog has became known as man’s best friend. While the connection between a person and their dog companion cannot be denied, it cannot be denied that a dog has the potential to destroy the interior of a house. Between muddy paws, drooling, and dog hair, maintaining a spectacular home can get a little daunting. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to strike a balance between a stunning home and your commitment to your pets.

Use attractive, dirt-repellent fabrics

Luxurious, dirt-repellent fabrics make it easier than ever to share a beautiful home with dog companions. While velvet, chenille and silk are not exactly animal-friendly fabrics, there are a number of textiles that are not only resistant to smells and stains, but also to bacteria and dirty paws.

Leather is a timeless textile and for the most part durable and easy to clean. Ultrasuede, a machine washable microfiber that looks and feels like real suede, is a firm favorite among pet owners and an excellent choice for chair and sofa covers. Smooth tapestries and hard-wearing bed linen in the hottest colors of the season are always a good choice – for your own furniture and accessories as well as yours beloved dog’s own bed.

Choose breathtaking, dog-proof floors

The best type of flooring for a beautiful, pet-friendly home is undoubtedly bare floors like concrete, terrazzo and brick, which are both functional and visually appealing. Hardwood floors are also easy to clean and can add a welcome touch of warmth to an otherwise clinical space. Ceramic tiles in all their wonderful shapes are still among the most popular floor coverings, and for good reason.

Ceramic tiles can not only transform a room completely and make it look elegant and elegant, but are also almost resistant Every stain a dog can deal. If you can’t bring yourself to part with your lush, beautiful carpets, you should invest in a carpet cleaner that effortlessly removes animal hair and dander. Check that you choose a cleaner with a System for removing pet stains and smells, and there’s no reason why you can’t have both a dog and a rug.

Think about your color choices

While shades of gray were the most popular choice for wall paints in 2019, beige 2020 will see a big comeback alongside old favorites like hunter green and navy blue. Even vibrant shades of yellow and orange are expected, along with blushing pink and black – both are now considered “neutral”. As a dog owner, you can still enjoy the latest color trends in your home – as long as you choose the right color. Flat varnishes are extremely difficult to clean, while a high-gloss varnish is easy to wipe off drool and paw prints, but draws attention to even the smallest dirt stains. The best color choice for stylish, dog-friendly walls is one with an eggshell or satin that is both easy to clean and easy on the eyes.

Being a dog owner is a big responsibility – especially if you also want to have a nice home. Fortunately, it is possible to do both simply by following the guidelines above, which will keep your dog happy and your home spotless.