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Top tips on how to make your small apartment bigger

Living in an apartment has many advantages – which is why so many people do it. Living in an apartment is more compact, and although you often miss the garden side when you are not on the ground floor, you often get a balcony that gives you a pretty good view. The apartments are also often located near city centers, which means they have good access to public transport, shops, bars and restaurants, which is what makes them so popular with young first-time buyers. However, one thing that apartments don’t often come up with is lots of space – and when space does one thing, it sells. No matter whether you want to sell an apartment and increase its value or just want to use the space already available – here are some important tips on how to make a small apartment larger.

Use lighter colors

When you sell a property, it is one of the first things that professional sellers like you this firmis to use bright and neutral colors for your decoration. Not only does this serve to give the room a blank background so that potential buyers can see the room for what it is, so they can envision their own decor in there, but it also gives the illusion that the room is bigger too .

The lighter the colors you use throughout the room – be it paint on the walls or furniture – the brighter and bigger the room will look. These colors are also particularly suitable for the interior design trend of Minimalismthat has been widespread for some time and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast! In Japanese culture, minimalism is about only having what you need, and although the trend towards interior design isn’t that extreme, you can see that it’s inspired by it! Basically, the fact that not every centimeter of space in a room needs to be filled is emphasized, and the opposite is encouraged.

This way, not only will you be part of one of the hottest interior trends, but you will also make the most of every inch of your home. Isn’t that what compact living is all about?

Place the mirrors carefully

Mirrors are handy for checking your hair and making sure you look your best before you go out – but have you ever thought of the bigger impact it can actually have on a room?

Beautifully decorative and practical in more ways than one mirror can make a room appear larger and brighter – if you strategically place it and do it well.

By placing a large mirror near a window and across from a light color, the room will automatically get lighter and brighter. The mirror not only reflects the natural light from the outside, but also the light colors on the wall. That way, the whole room will automatically look bigger by removing shadows or dark spots that make rooms look dark. It’s really that simple.

Use shelves

If you don’t have enough space due to living in an apartment, never shy away from the wonderful creation that is shelving.

While large closets can look chunky and take up a lot of space, shelves are a great way to create storage space without taking up extra space – all you need is a gap on your wall.

The great thing about shelves is that you can do so much more with them. You can change their size, shape, color, layout and even function. For example, suppose you install some shelves in your kitchen to add herbs, spices, coffee, and tea. To save space on the countertop and in the closet, simply attach a few hooks to the underside of the shelves and hang your cups on them! Not only is it space-saving, it’s also stylish.

Use the same floor covering everywhere

Last but not least, you should choose the same flooring (with the exception of the bathroom and possibly the kitchen).

If you overuse different types of flooring throughout the home, it will likely not look right anymore and will look messier. Nothing detracts more from the spaciousness than clutter and disorder. The simpler and more appropriate you are, the bigger it will look.

Light carpets or alternatively light woods are a great way to maximize floor space in an apartment. If you want to differentiate rooms, you might want to invest in a nice rug or two to spice things up a bit. Remember that floor space is just as important as your walls and you can’t go wrong.