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Trendy design ideas to give your living room luxury

In the constantly evolving world of interior design, with every new season we are looking for new trends and ideas that can be brought into our houses for a transformative appearance. At the turn of the decade, home decorators shared their views on what’s in and out, but one thing remains certain – luxury will never go out of style.

If you are not ready to completely redesign your home when planning a luxurious renovation, we recommend that you start with the most frequently used space in the house: the living room.

Since the living room is the central feature of a house, it should really reflect your personality and taste as it determines the mood for the rest of the house. However, knowing what is au courant can be difficult.

If you are looking for trendy decoration inspiration, we are talking about five ways to give your living room luxury in 2020.

1) Use warm color palettes and patterns

Interior designers have been thinking about what color palettes to see in the coming year, and it is certain that we will finally see the end of rose gold and millennial pink. The new color picks are the new neutrals as saturated shades, and the warm tone is the focus.

When redesigning your living room, opt for a bolder, more vibrant theme with royal shades of green, cobalt blue, or apply the 2020 Dulux color. Quiet dawn. Do not limit yourself to the walls, because worktops, tiles and other surfaces offer the possibility to give your living room a touch of color and elegance. To balance out more jewel tones, you can opt for a combination of metallic accents or even use some elegantly carved wooden furniture.

When it comes to patterns and layers this year, the sky is the limit and there are no rules. According to designers, we will see a variety of pattern mixes of different origins and sizes. You can get inspiration from this trend by putting together table textures and textile designs.

2) Integrate European-inspired furniture

What can hold a room together is the furniture placed in it. This year we see designers who incorporate imaginative, European-inspired themes while creating luxury pieces of furniture. We will see more and more brands that take European features and silhouettes into account in their items.

When it comes to sofas and sofas, everything in 2020 will be about gentle curves. Home owners choose curved furniture while turning away from straightforward, structured looks.

If you want to bring this trend into your living room, pay attention to sofas with sloping arms and asymmetrical design to create a softer European environment. Pay attention to that Saarinen Womb Chair if you want to complete the look of your living room. This item is both beautiful and functional and should be on your bucket list when you redesign your living room.

3) Hang up a large wall decoration

In cases where you need to give your living room an extra boost and have few ideas, it is best to turn to large-scale wall decorations. Not only do they add a luxurious element, they can also serve as the focal point to add depth and character to the space. Opt for beautifully framed and expressive pieces if you want to bring out a feeling of sophistication.

If you are looking for wall art, you should look for effective pieces that turn your head while protecting the bag. Places to look for these unique items are thrift stores, flea markets, and local bazaars. A great idea to give the living room your personal touch is to design, create and hang your own large format painting in the room.

4) Use natural elements

In recent years, consumers have had sustainability in mind, and we expect this trend to be bigger this year than ever. There is an attraction to anything that is environmentally chic when people prefer reclaimed materials, even used items, to add personality to their living spaces.

With the concept of biophile designThis year’s designer pieces will move away from plastic and we will see more natural materials and textures like sugar cane, hemp and jute, which along with elements of luxurious greens are making a comeback in the field of interior design.

2-2 Trendy design ideas to give your living room luxury

Including such textures gives your living room a touch of elegance without looking over the top. If you want a more versatile look, you can combine luxurious pieces to get a better effect.

5) Bring out the heirlooms

What screams luxury more than a beautiful antique object? Certain rare pieces bring an old school charm that cannot be replicated by any modern piece of furniture.

You can opt for large mirrors and bulky lamps, but smaller items can also do the job. Antique picture frames, boxes and wall lights can be installed to give your living room the much-needed vintage flair.

This trend in interior design can find its way into your living space without you having to spend a fortune on it. It would be a good idea to look for vintage items in discount stores and thrift stores that look like they have been flown in from the streets of Paris.

To sum up, in 2020 the pendulum swung towards individuality, and we would say that the coming year is about bringing experience and personality to your interior. Bring out your inner vitality by choosing bold colors and patterns and choosing parts that reflect your character. This way you will not go wrong when it comes to making your living room more luxurious.

Did these ideas help you create your mood board for 2020? Which of these trends will you integrate into your home? Let us know in the comment section below.