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Tropical Decor Inspiration

Tropical Decor Inspiration

1. Rattan furniture: Let’s start with furniture. When it comes to tropical furniture, go for rattan pieces. You can also work in some wicker furniture and bamboo furniture. If you don’t have a big budget, opt for warm wood furniture for your tropical space.

2. Natural plants: If you can put a palm tree in your home, do it. Otherwise, you can settle for greenery and houseplants to make your home look as tropical as possible!

3. Bark cloth: Barkcloth is a textured and woven cotton fabric native to Africa and Asia. It first became popular in the 1930s and has remained a mainstay in tropical regions of the world. It is an ideal upholstery fabric for furniture and curtains.

4. Tropical leaf motifs: From banana leaves to fan palm leaves to areca palm leaves, there are so many tropical leaf designs to choose from. These are just a few of the many different exotic green leaves you will find in tropical spaces.

5. Pineapple: This tropical fruit is a great way to bring the tropical vibe into your home. Pineapples can be found everywhere, from bookends to table lamps to works of art and many more decorative objects.

6. Decor made of jute and sisal:From storage baskets to rugs to placemats, woven jute and sisal are common materials found in tropical homes. This natural material is strong and durable.

7. Bright Tropical Flowers: From bright green palm trees to pink hibiscus, the inside of your home should look like a tropical Hawaiian paradise. If you can’t take care of the real flowers, then why not opt for some on your curtains, cushions or upholstery?

8. Parrots: Parrots are the birds most associated with tropical climates. There are many decorative items depicting the colorful parrot bird.

9. Bamboo: What would the tropics be without a little bamboo decor like the bamboo bathtub in this exotic tropical bathroom?