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Use a settee sofa for your
living room interior decor

Use a settee sofa for your living room interior decor

The term settee is a word common with the 18th to 19t century era but is still relevant today. A settee is a medium size sofa which is designed to seat about two people. The settee is usually a design of less upholstery. It is much in an upright form and lightweight patterned. Though a common name with the antiques, settees are beautiful designs today and are in different styles that would suit any home outlook.

Backless settee with rolled arms: These are one of the numerous styles you’ll see with the settee sofa. Some backless are totally armless making it much like an ottoman for a living room. It is a beauty to see loveseats and modern sofas completely backless and stylish with rolled arms.

The bench settee can be partially or totally backless with or without upholstery. The backless ones are often cushioned to give a comfortable seat. A settee bench can have space between the seat surface and the backrest where only the upper part of the backrest is covered.

Antique settee: The antique sofas are known for their stylish finishing with expensive engravings. A settee sofa of the antique times is equally well-crafted designs that are commonly characterized with a deep back button finish. One other thing you’ll appreciate with the antique settee is their minimalistic style and light weight. The common royal touch is still observed in settees.

If you plan buying a settee sofa for your living room, a mix of loveseats, ottoman designs, and upholstered bench design can give you a taste of antique in the modern age for your living room.

Modern: You can have retro-modern for your sofa by having the qualities of the modern infused in your antique furniture to give an appealing finish. This can be achieved with the settee sofas. The modern settee is in different styles even sectionals are well represented. Quality fabric finish is what makes the difference with this design pattern. You can give a textured or patterned finish and still retain the nature of a settee sofa.